Library of Congress, Washington DC
DC, Congressional Library
House of Representatives Office Building, DC
An undated postcard of the Library of Congress.
The House of Representative Office Building - a postcard mailed in
Old Postcard, White House, Washington DC
New National Museum, DC
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC
Connecticut Avenue, DC
A great view of Pennsylvania Avenue in a postcard from 1907 which
has got a bit chewed up !
An unused, early 20th Century postcard of Connecticut Avenue.
President Coolidge, Old Postcard
An early postcard of the Library of Congress in Washington.
A view of the White House from the early 1900s.   
"The National Museum in the Mall is a massive and dignified structure of granite, 561x365 feet in area, being greater than any other
government building except the Capitol." The postcard on the left is from 1915.
"President Coolidge addressing Congress, Washington DC. The Hall of
Representatives is a legislative chamber unsurpassed in the world.
The dimensions are 139 x 93 feet. The speaker's desk, of chiselled
white marble, occupies an elevated position in the center of the south
side and the seats of the representatives are arranged in concentric
semi-circle, with radiating aisles. This picture shows the President
delivering a message to Congress." Coolidge was president from
August 1923 to March 1929, so the card probably dates from around
that period.
Union Station, DC
A lot of construction in progress in this view - is that the station centre
right ? or is it being built ? The card is unused and thus undated.
US Treasury, DC, Old Postcard
The US Treasury in a 1916 postcard.
Wasington DC Post Office
Two postcards of indifferent quality of the DC Post Office Building.
Georgetown College, DC
A 1907 postcard of Georgetown College.
US Capitol, DC
A 1913 postcard of the Capitol seen from the Libary of Congress.
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, DC
The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.
Taft and Sherman, DC, Old Postcard
This postcard dates from 1908 and shows President Taft and
Vice-President Sherman.  Follow
this link for more about the election.
Smithsonian Institute, DC
Two postcards of the Smithsonian Institute, which was founded in 1846 by James Smithson "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge
among men".
US Treasury. DC
The Treasury - a postcard mailed in 1911.
A third view of the Library of Congress, again almost identical to the
two cards at  the top of this page, This card was mailed in 1911.
Hotel Stratford, Washington DC, USA
Hotel Stratford, "Washington's new, modern,
fireproof hotel, offers cool comfortable
rooms, each with tub or shower bath. Harvey
G Bechtel, Owner. Telephone NAtional
Capitol DC
Capitol at Washington on a rainy night.
Ambassador Hotel, DC
Ambassador Hotel. "Washington's newest 500 room down town hotel.
Radio in every room. Swimming pool free to guests. Rates from $2.50.
You'll like the Ambassador." A 1930 postcard.
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District Building, Washington DC
A 1910 postcard of the District Building.
A 1911 postcard of the US Post Office.
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Did You Know.........that James Smithson, whose bequest founded the Smithsonian
Institution (despite him never having visited the United States) was an undergraduate
Pembroke College, Oxford, under the name "James Lewis Macie" — he changed his
name to that of his natural father after the death of his mother.
Did You Know.......that Goldie Hawn, the American actress,
was born in Washington, DC, in 1945 ? Through her father,
she is a direct descendant of
Edward Rutledge, a signatory of
Declaration of Independence.
And Did You Know.......that the actor
William Hurt was also born in DC, in 1950 ?
Did You Know.............that John Philip Sousa, the composer of American
military and patriotic marches, was born in Washington DC in 1854 ?
Postcards of the Past
Washington, DC
Washington DC
Pennsylvania Avenue in the early years of the 20th Century.
Washington DC - New National Museum
"The New National Museum in the Mall is a massive and dignified
structure of granite, 561x365 in area, being greater than any other
government building except the Capitol."
New Union Station, Washington DC
New Union Station.
New Union Station again - with a green roof !
Library of Congress, Washington DC
"The Hall of Columns of the Library of Congress, Washington, is, in
stateliness of design and richness of decoration, the culmination of
the architectural achievement of America."
Washington, DC
The Great Plaza on the Pennsylvania Avenue Triangle.
Pennsylvania Avenue, DC
Pennsylvania Avenue again.
US Capitol, Washington DC
"The United States Capitol, one of the largest and stateliest buildings
in the world, sets (sic) on a height overlooking the amphitheatre of the
Potomac. It is 751 feet long, 350 feet wide and covers three and a half
acres. The Statue of Freedom on the dome towers 307 feet above the
esplanade. The cornerstone of the main building was laid by President
Washington in 1793; the central building was finished in 1797, and the
extensions were first occupied by Congress in 1857 and 1859."   
Lincoln Memorial, DC
The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool.
Senate Chamber, DC
The Senate Chamber.
Washington DC
The Capitol.
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Union Station.
Thomas Circle, DC
Blair House, DC
Thomas Circle.
Blair House.
Cathedral, DC
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The Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul.
Corcoran Gallery DC
The Corcoran Gallery.
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Washington, DC - White House
Another view of the White House.
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Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
The Lincoln Memorial.
Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
Washington DC
The Department of Justice.
American Red Cross, Washington DC
American Red Cross.
White House, Washington, DC
The White House.
Department of Justice, DC
US Capitol, DC
US Capitol.
Capitol Plaza, DC
Capitol Plaza.
New Post Office, DC
The New Post Office.
Potomac Park, DC
Potomac Park.
Department of Commerce, DC
Department of Commerce Building.
Washington, DC
Arlington Memorial Bridge, DC
Arlington Memorial Bridge.
Union Station, DC
Union Station.
Lincoln Memorial, DC
The Lincoln Memorial.
US Treasury, DC
The US Treasury.
US Supreme Court, DC
The US Supreme Court.
Old Postcard - White House, Washington DC
Old Postcard - White House, Washington DC
by Postcards of the Past
Cherry Blossom, DC
The Capitol and Cherry Blossom.
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Potomac Park, DC
Potomac Park.
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Old Postcard - White House, Washington, DC
Old Postcard - White House, Washington, DC
by Postcards of the Past
Washington is the capital of the USA and is located on the banks of the Potomac, bordering
Virginia and Maryland. The US constitution requires a federal district, separate from the states,
to serve as a permanent national capital city, and Washington is thus "ruled" by the US
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Old Postcard - Washington, DC
Old Postcard - Washington, DC
by Postcards of the Past
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