The images shown on this page are of British warships dating from around 1900 up to World War II. The Royal
Navy has an excellent website with lots of historical information, which you may visit by following
this link.
HMS Susses
HMS Niobe
HMS Torquay
A French postcard of HMS Torquay. As the card was printed in
Toulon, it is probable that the photograph was taken there.
HMS Tiger
HMS Tiger.
HMS Dee, also named HMS Droxford.
HMS Caesar
HMS Apollo
HM Sub E4
HMS Weston
HMS Comet
HMS Royal Arthur
HMS Abdiel
Postcards of the Past
British Warships
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HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal - (91) launched 1937, torpedoed and sunk 1941.
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal - (R09)  launched 1950, decommissioned 1979 and scrapped.
HMS Ark Royal
The Ark Royal (91).
HMS Ark Royal
The Ark Royal (R09).
HMS Achilles
HMS Achilles - launched 1932. On loan to NZ Navy 1941-46. Sold to Indian navy
1948. Scrapped 1978. Took part in the Battle of the River Plate 1939.
HMS Southampton
HMS Southampton - launched 1936, sunk off Malta 1941.
HMS Ajax
HMS Ajax
HMS Ajax - launched 1912, scrapped 1926. Took part in the Battle of
Jutland 1916.
HMS Ajax - launched 1934. Took part in the Battle of the River Plate
1939. Scrapped in 1949.
HMS Bellerophon
HMS Bellerophon
Two old postcards of HMS Bellerophon. She was launched in 1907, took part in the Battle of Jutland,  and was eventually scrapped in 1921.
HMS Berwick
HMS Berwick, launched 1902, scrapped 1920.
HMS Exeter, launched 1929, sunk 1942. Took part in the battle of the
River Plate 1939.
HMS Temeraire
HMS Bedford.
HMS Swiftsure
HMS Majestic.
HMS Birmingham
HMS Cressy
HMS Lion
HMS Powerful
HMS Powerful
Two old postcards of HMS Powerful.
HMS Warspite
HMS Warspite
The submarine HMS Warspite.
The battleship HMS Warspite.
HMS Boadicea - launched in 1908, and served at Jutland.
HMS Commonwealth
HMS Lord Nelson
HMS Diadem
HMS Russell
HMS Leviathan
HMS Glory
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
HMS Collingwood
HMS Collingwood
Two old postcards of HMS Collingwood, launched in 1908, fought at Jutland, scrapped in 1922.
HMS Warrior
HMS Warrior.
HMS Warrior
HMS Warrior.
HMS Colussus
HMS Colossus - launched 1910, fought at Jutland, scrapped 1928.
HMS Conqueror
HMS Conqueror - launched 1911, fought at Jutland, scrapped 1922.
HMS Iron Duke
HMS Iron Duke - launched 1912, fought at Jutland, scrapped 1946.
HMS Southampton
Another postcard of HMS Southampton.
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HMS King Edward VII
HMS King Edward VII - sunk by a German mine 6 Jan 1916.
HMS London
HMS London - launched in 1899, scrapped in 1920.
HMS Vanguard
HMS Vanguard
HM Vanguard
HMS Vanguard - launched 1944, scrapped 1960.
An earlier HMS Vanguard, launched in 1909 and sunk by an internal
explosion in 1917.
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Prince of Wales, launched 1902, scrapped 1920.
HMS New Zealand
HMS New Zealand, launched 1904, renamed Zealandia, scrapped
HMS Blonde
HMS Blonde, launched 1910, scrapped 1920.
HMS Watchman
HMS Watchman, launched 1917, scrapped 1945.
HMS Hyacinth
HMS Hyacinth, launched 1898, scrapped 1923.
HMS Medea
HMS Medea.
HMS Venus
HMS Venus, launched 1895, scrapped 1921.
HMS Dreadnought
HMS Exmouth
HMS Magnificent
HMS Exmouth, launched 1934, sunk by a
U-boat 1940.
HMS Magnificent, launched 1894, scrapped
HMS Dreadnought, launched 1906, scrapped
HMS Oak, launched 1912, scrapped 1922.
HMS Minotaur
HMS Minotaur.
HMS Javelin
HMS Javelin, launched 1938, scrapped 1949.
HMS Curlew
HMS Curlew, launched 1917, sunk by air attack near Narvik in 1940.
HMS Hind
HMS Hind, launched 1911, scrapped 1924.
HMS New Zealand
HMS New Zealand, launched 1911, scrapped 1922.
HMS Roxburgh
HMS Roxburgh, launched 1904, scrapped 1921.
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Old Postcard - HMS Vanguard
Old Postcard - HMS Vanguard
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - HMS Leviathan
Old Postcard - HMS Leviathan
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - HMS Colossus
Old Postcard - HMS Colossus
by Postcards of the Past
HMS Hazard.
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HM Torpedo Boat no 98
HM Torpedo Boat No 98, tender to HMS Defiance.
HMS Jupiter
The postcard on the left and the two below were sent to us by the
grandson of Captain Ernest Brady, RNR, who served on all three
ships before and during the First World War.

The following is quoted from “A Memoir”, an extract from the
Weston-Super-Mare Gazette of 8th June 1929, following Captain
Brady's death on May 25th 1929.

It was while serving on the Jupiter in the early part of 1906 that the
Channel Fleet was ordered to Vigo Bay. During a gale in the Bay of
Biscay the torpedo nets broke adrift. Realising the seriousness of
what would occur should they foul the propellers, Lieutenant Brady,
who was on watch, dived overboard, followed by a Petty Officer.
After four hours in the water they were able to release the nets. Of
this episode the Commanding Officer wrote: “He is a thorough
seaman, and on one occasion in the Bay of Biscay rendered
splendid service in securing the torpedo nets, which had washed
off the netshelf (in a gale of winds at great risk to himself). This was
done at night.”
HMS Jupiter.
HMS Swiftsure.