Torquay, Devon
The Pavilion, Torquay
Torquay Harbour, Regatta Day
Old Postcard, Torquay, Devon, Strand and Harbour
Torquay, Imperial Hotel
Torquay, Meadfoot and Osborne Hotel
An undated postcard showing the Strand and the Harbour at Torquay.
The Imperial Hotel, Torquay.
Meadfoot, Torquay, and the Osborne Hotel.
Beacon Cove
Beacon Cove, Torquay.
Torre Abbey Sands
Torre Abbey Sands, Torquay.
Torquay Harbour
Torquay Harbour.
Torquay, Torwood Street and the Queen's Hotel
An Edwardian postcard of Torwood Street, Torquay,  and the Queen's
Torquay, the Slipway
Another Edwardian postcard of Torquay, this one of the Slipway.
Corbyn's Head, 1920
Torquay - a postcard of Corbyn's Head, mailed in 1920.
Torwood Street
Another early 20th Century view of Torwood Street, Torquay.
Torquay, the Rock Walk, Vintage Postcard
Torquay - the Rock Walk.
Babbacombe Beach
Babbacombe Beach - a 1961 postcard.
The Headlands
The Headlands, Torquay.
Vane Hill, Moonlight
Torquay Harbour
A 1958 postcard of Torquay Harbour.
A postcard from the popular "Moonlight" series.
Torquay, Aerial View
A good aerial view of Torquay, probably from the 1950s.
Victoria and Albert Hotel, Torquay
The Victoria and Albert Hotel, Torquay.
Torquay Harbour on Regatta Day.
The Pavilion, Torquay - no date.
Torquay 1937
A 1937 postcard.  
Vane Hill
No date for this postcard of Vane Hill, Torquay, and a pleasure
Once again, no date for this postcard.
Torquay Pier 1950
This view of Torquay Pier was mailed in 1950.
The Harbour and Atlantic Fleet, Torquay - possibly connected with the
Fleet Review of 1953 ?
Torquay, on the sands
What an excellent photograph/postcard this is !!
Lincombe Drive
Lincombe Drive, Torquay.
Did You Know.... that Agatha Christie, the
crime fiction writer, was born in Torquay in
1890 ?
Torquay is a seaside resort in England which lies at the northern end of Torbay in Devon and adjoins the
neighbouring resort of Paignton. It has a pleasant and mild climate, which supports its many palm trees.

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And Did You Know....that while staying in Torquay at the
Gleneagles Hotel with the Python team in 1971,
John Cleese found
inspiration for
Fawlty Towers. Incidents during the Pythons' stay are
said to include the owner, Donald Sinclair, throwing Eric Idle's
suitcase out of the window, thinking it was a bomb. Cleese later
described the eccentric owner as, "the most wonderfully rude man I
have ever met", although Mr. Sinclair's widow has since said her
husband was totally misrepresented in the comedy. (Thanks to
Wikipedia for this information.)
A postcard of the Strand, mailed in 1908.
Did You Know.... that Peter Cook, the British
satirist, writer and comedian, was born in
Torquay in 1937 ?
Did You Know.... that Richard Burton, English explorer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist,
ethnologist, linguist, poet, hypnotist, fencer and diplomat, was also born in Torquay, in 1821 ?
Did You Know......that Oliver Heaviside, the
physicist, died in Torquay in 1925 ? Look at
the name of the shop in the postcard of
Torwood Street on the left.
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Torquay Harbour
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Old Postcard - The Pier, Torquay
Old Postcard - The Pier, Torquay
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Torquay by Moonlight
Old Postcard - Torquay by Moonlight
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Torquay, Devon
Old Postcard - Torquay, Devon
by Postcards of the Past
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