Portsmouth and
Southsea, Hampshire
Old Postcard, Victoria Barracks, Southsea
HMS Victory
HMS Victory - the Plaque where Nelson fell.
Southsea, Canoe Lake
Southsea Common
Southsea Common
When we were given "shore leave" ( ie when they let us out !)  we would wander down to Southsea front and the pier. These old postcards are
all from the early 20th Century. The card on the right was mailed in 1931.
HMS Victory
Southsea, Old Postcard
HMS Victory
"The Cathedral of the Navy. HMS Victory, showing stern. Tonnage
2162 tons."
Victoria Barracks no longer exists. It was a Royal Navy establishment
at the time of this postcard (c 1910) and was still in existence in 1956
when I reported there for my National Service on May 28th.
Part of our "basic training" - ie keeping us occupied for a few weeks - was to take us on a tour
of HMS Victory, which was at least interesting ! I tripped over the plaque on the right and was
put on a charge, much to everyone's amusement !! These two postcards were sent by me in
Portsmouth is in the county of Hampshire on England's south coast. It has been one of the
three main Royal Navy bases in the UK for several hundred years and is home to Nelson's
Flagship HMS Victory. Southsea is now part of Portsmouth and was the location for Victoria
Barracks, a naval establishment for training new entrants to the service. I was in the Royal Navy
for two years National Service in 1956-58, and was stationed first at Victoria Barracks and later
at HMS Victory.  I remember marching through Portsmouth at the head of the rest of the recruits
and hoping they were following !!  Also being on guard duty in the middle of the night at Victoria
Barracks and not being aware that someone had gone over the wall during my watch !!  All very
silly but it was fun.
A rather faded old card of Southsea.
Southsea, Clarence Pier
Southsea, Seafront and Pier
A couple of early 20th Century cards of Clarence Pier, Southsea. I hope the horse hasn't been drinking the salt water !!
Southsea, USS New Jersey, Vintage Postcard
No date for this interesting card of the USS New Jersey off Southsea.
This ship is now permanently moored in the Delaware River at
Camden, New Jersey, and is open to visitors. We were in Philadelphia
(which is across the river from Camden) in September 2001 when the
ship arrived at this mooring - everyone thought it was a defensive
measure after September 11 !!
Southsea Common 1926
Southsea Common  - a 1926 postcard.
Southsea, Elm Grove
Elm Grove, Southsea - a rather faded postcard from 1907.
Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth
Portsmouth, Ferry Landing Stage
A 1908 postcard of the Ferry Landing Stage, Portsmouth.
Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth - a postcard mailed in 1906.
Southsea Lighthouse
An Edwardian postcard showing Southsea Lighthouse.
Charles Dickens' Birthplace, Portsmouth
South Parade Pier, Southsea
A nice old view of Southsea Pier.
Portsmouth, Shipping Cattle
An interesting postcard - where are the cattle being shipped to ? The
barges don't look large enough for a sea voyage. Any thoughts ?
Victoria Park, Portsmouth
Southsea Pier
Victoria Park, Portsmouth.
South Parade Pier, Southsea.
A postcard of Charles Dickens' birthplace in
HMS Victory
HMS Victory
Queen's Hotel, Southsea
An undated postcard of the Queen's Hotel, Southsea.
South Parade Pier, Southsea.
Did You Know.........that Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the British engineer whose achievements
included the
Great Western Railway, the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, the SS Great
Britain and the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash, was born in Portsmouth in 1806 ?

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Victoria Park, Portsmouth
Victoria Park, Portsmouth.
Postcards of the Past
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HMS Hood in Portsmouth Harbour, Vintage Postcard
Portsmouth Harbour showing HMS Hood. The Hood was sunk by the Bismarck on 24 May 1941. Two excellent websites to have a look at !
Southsea Canoe Lake
The Canoe Lake, Southsea.
Southsea Beach
Clarence Pier and the Beach in the 1920s or early 1930s.
Portsmouth Dockyard, Main Gate
The Main Gate to Portsmouth Dockyard.
Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth
Royal Naval Barracks - entrance gate.
Old Postcard, Clarence Pier, Southsea
Clarence Pier, Southsea.
Pier Road, Southsea
A nice old postcard of Pier Road, Southsea, with Victoria Barracks in
the background.
Portsmouth Dockyard, Main Gate
Another postcard of the Main Gate to Portsmouth Dockyard.
Portsmouth Harbour
No date for this old view of Portsmouth Harbour.
Portsmouth Garrison Church Parade
Portsmouth Garrison Church Parade.
Royal Naval Barracks.
"Owing to its proximity to Portsmouth, the Naval atmosphere is very
strong in Southsea. The New Naval Barracks, shown in the picture, are
situated in Portsea and are very extensive, providing accommodation
for over 5,000 men. Close by also are the Victoria Barracks, the Gun
Wharf and the Dockyard."
Did You Know....that Peter Sellers, actor,
comedian and goon, was born in Southsea
in 1925 ?
Victoria Park, Portsmouth
Victoria Park, Portsmouth.
Southsea, Clarence Pier
A boat arriving at Clarence Pier, Southsea.
Southsea Beach
Two views of Southsea Beach.
Southsea Beach
Portsmouth 1910
Portsmouth Harbour and HMS Victory - a postcard mailed in 1910.
Portsmouth Harbour
Another view of Portsmouth Harbour.
Southsea Pier
This postcard of the "new" pier was mailed in 1906.
The children's swimming pool at Southsea.
Commercial Road, Portsmouth
Portsmouth, Commercial Road.
St Michael's Road, Portsmouth
St Michael's Road, Portsmouth.
Did You Know....that Jim Callaghan, British Prime Minister
and Leader of the Labour Party, was born in Copnor in 1912 ?
Portsmouth Dockyard
Portsmouth Dockyard.
Hilsea Lagoon, Portsmouth
Portsmouth, Hilsea Lagoon - a postcard mailed in 1948.
Portsmouth, Commercial Road
Portsmouth, Commercial Road
Two more old postcards of Commercial Road, Portsmouth.
Portsea Naval Barracks
Portsea Naval Barracks.
Portsmouth Dickyard and Jetty
Portsmouth Dockyard and Jetty.
Southsea, Victoria Barracks
Two more views of Victoria Barracks.
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