Old Postcard, RMS Queen Mary
RMS Queen Elizabeth
My mum and dad crossed to New York on the "Queen Elizabeth" in
May 1967. They passed the "Queen Mary" on her final commercial
Atlantic crossing.
Three unused postcards of the "Queen Elizabeth" - from left to right, in Cherbourg, Southampton and New York City.
SS Franconia
The "Franconia" . This ship was named after the first "Franconia",
which was sunk during World War I. She was launched in 1922 and
served both as a cruise ship and on the New York-Liverpool route.
During World War II she served as a troop ship, and in 1945 acted as a
floating hotel for Winston Churchill and his staff at the Yalta
Conference. After the war she was restored and served on the
Liverpool-Quebec route. She was finally broken up at Inverkeithing in
Simplon Postcards
The Passenger Ship Website
to see images of Liners, Cruise Ships, Ferries etc - well worth a visit !!
The New, or second, Mauretania - maiden voyage 1939, scrapped
1965. My Auntie Annie and Uncle Reg sailed on her to New York in the
late 1940s or early 50s. The first Mauretania had four funnels.
I sailed from Southampton to New York on the "Queen Mary"  in January 1963.
A modern postcard which reproduces a
French Cunard poster from the 1930s.
Another modern postcard which reproduces
the cover to a souvenir book about the
Queen Mary.
SS United States
The "United States". The last time I was In Philadelphia, this ship was
slowly rusting away in  one of the docks on the river - is she still there
i wonder ?
The "Ascania" - launched in 1923, broken up in 1957.
MV Britannic
The White Star Line "Britannic".  
Cunard Aquitania
Paquebot France
The "France" in Le Havre."
Two more views of the "Aquitania".
                   Two postcards of the "Aquitania".                                 
The "Caronia".
SS Espagne, Old Postcard
The SS Espagne in St Nazaire.
SS Malwa
P and O's SS Malwa, launched in 1908 and scrapped in 1932. She
served as a troop ship during WW1.
RMS Homeric
RMS Homeric - formerly the Columbus - of the White Star Line.
SS Dante Alighieri
The SS "Dante Alighieri".
SS Kaiser
The Hamburg-America Line "Kaiser".
SS France
The SS "France" off Le Havre.
P and O's "Naldera".
Postcards of the Past
Ocean Liners
P and O's "Viceroy of India".
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Some vintage postcards of the magnificent vessels that once sailed the world's oceans.
SS Comorin.
SS Comorin
SS Megantic
SS Megantic.
Two old postcards showing the SS President Cleveland.
SS President Lincoln
The SS President Lincoln.
The SS President Polk.
SS President Roosevelt
The SS President Roosevelt.
SS Pretoria Castle
RMS Pretoria Castle.
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
SS United States
Imperator Old Postcard
A ship with an interesting history. She was built in Hamburg in 1912 and named the "Imperator". After World War 1 she was transferred to the
British as reparation for the "Lusitania" and sold to Cunard, who renamed her "Berengaria". She was scrapped in 1938.
The "Saxonia".
The "Carpathia" leaving Messina.
RMS Majestic
RMS Majestic - a 1925 postcard. Launched in 1914, she was originally
the SS Bismarck, but as with the Imperator/Berengaria, she was
handed over to Cunard White Star as part of the war reparations, and
RMS Franconia
RMS Franconia - a 1925 postcard.  
An intermediate size luxury liner, the Scythia was launched in 1920,
served as a troop ship during the war and was finally scrapped in 1958.
RMS Olympic
RMS Olympic was launched in 1910 and had a very interesting
"career" before being scrapped in 1935. Follow
this link for more
about the ship.
RMS Berengia
Two identical postcards of the Imperator/Berengaria, which reflect the name change.
SS France
SS France
The second SS France, launched in 1961, and later renamed the SS Norway.
The original SS France, launched in 1912 and scrapped in 1936. She served as a
hospital ship in the Dardanelles.
Arundel Castle
SS Rotterdam
SS Rotterdam. There have been six "Rotterdams" - this is probably
the fourth which was launched in 1908 and scrapped in 1940.
This is the first Mauretania, launched in 1907. She served as a troop
ship in the First World War and after sailed on the transatlantic run for
a while before being used mainly as a cruise ship. She was scrapped
in 1935, as the postcard suggests.
Christmas Cards
Cunard's "Britannic".
RMS Majestic
Another postcard of the "Majestic".
The "Franconia".
Old Postcard, Liverpool, Mauretania
The first "Mauretania" in Liverpool.
SS France
Le Havre - the SS "France" being towed by the "Titan".
RMS Carinthia
RMS Carinthia of the Cunard Line.
SS Leviathan
The SS Leviathan, formerly the SS Vaterland.
The Liner Columbus
The German Liner "Columbus". Launched in 1924 and scuttled to
avoid capture in 1939.
Andrea Doria
The Andrea Doria, which sank after a collision in 1956.
Paquebot Normandie
Two excellent postcards of the "Normandie", which caught fire and capsized in New York Harbour in 1942.
SS Normandie
SS Braemar Castle
The Union-Castle Line SS "Braemar Castle".
UCMS Arundel Castle
The SS "Arundel Castle".  Originally with four funnels, she was refitted
in 1937 and the funnels reduced to two. She was scrapped in 1958.
RMS Parthia
RMS "Parthia".
RMS Windsor Castle
RMS "Windsor Castle".
Old Postcard - MV Britannic
Old Postcard - MV Britannic
by Postcards of the Past
SS Lusitania Mug
SS Lusitania Mug
by Postcards of the Past
SS United States Mug
SS United States Mug
by Postcards of the Past
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Vaterland - Hamburg-America Line.
RMA Carthage
RMS Carthage - most images on the internet show her as having only
one funnel - can anyone help ? is this the Carthage ?
RMS Moldavia
RMS Moldavia - sunk by a U-boat in 1918.
SS Ranchi
SS Ranchi - her second funnel was removed c1948.
SS Queen Elizabeth
SS Queen Elizabeth.
SS America
Norddeutscher Lloyd "Columbus".
Vice roy of India
The P and O "Viceroy of India".
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