NYC Chrysler
NYC Empire State
NYC, Rockefeller Center
Old Postcard, New York City, East River Bridge
An unused and undated postcard of the East River (Williamsburg) Bridge.    
City College of New York
NYC, Wall Street
The City College of New York at 138th and Convent - a 1910 postcard.
An early view of Wall Street.    
Three "real photo" postcards showing the RCA Building at the Rockefeller Centre (853 feet high), an aerial view of the Chrysler Building, and
the Empire State Building.
NYC Skyline
The New York Skyline from Jersey.
NYPD Headquarters, 1911.
New York Public Library
RCA Building, NYC
NYC Public Library about 1940.    
"The 70 story high RCA Building seen from the south."  
George Washington Bridge
An excellent real photo postcard of the George Washington Bridge in
the 1940s.   
NYC, Times Square
Old Postcard, Manhattan
Times Square at night.
Midtown Manhattan at night.
Manhattan Aerial View
Aerial view of Lower Manhattan.  
A postcard from the 1940s or 50s.   
A super real photo postcard from the 1950s.  
Home Life Building, NYC
NYC Flat Iron
NYC, Hotel Hargrave
A 1910 postcard of the Flat Iron Building.
NYC, Hendrik Hudson Apartments
A rather tatty postcard of the Cafe des
Ambassadeurs at 108 West 30th.
NYC, Park Row Building
The Hotel Hargrave in 1911 -  not a very good
quality image - sorry.
No date for this postcard of the Home Life
A postcard, mailed in 1910,  of the Hendrik
Hudson Apartments on Riverside Drive.
The Park Row Building - a 1923 postcard.  
A second page of old postcards of this extraordinary city.
Did You Know.......that the film actress Jane
Fonda was born in New York City in 1937 ?
And Did You Know.......that the actress Lauren
Bacall was also born in NYC, in 1924 ?
And Did You Also Know.......that Humphrey
Bogart, the film actor who married Lauren Bacall in
1945, was born in NYC in 1899 ?
Did You Know.......that Eamon de Valera, the
founder of
Fianna Fail and President of the Irish
Republic, was born in New York City in 1882 ?
And Did You Know.......that the opera singer
Maria Callas was born in Manhattan in 1923 ?
She had an affair with
Aristotle Onassis, who
subsequently left her for
Jackie Kennedy.
Click here for more old postcards of NYC !
Hotel Robert Fulton, 71st Street West.
The view to the north from the Empire State Building.
Postcards of the Past
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Statue of Liberty
A 1908 postcard of the Statue of Liberty.  
Old Postcard, Waldorf Astoria, NYC
The Hotel Waldorf, at 5th Avenue and 33rd
Street, in 1910.
New York City, Chinatown
Greeley Square, NYC
Greeley Square and Broadway.
City College of New York
City College of New York.
Coney Island Excursion Boat
No date for this postcard of a Coney Island Excursion Boat..........
Coney Island
....and when you get there !!   
New York City, Post Office
A great old postcard of a Post Office in NYC - but where is it ? If you know, please
email us !    
Email from Steve Smith - Nov 2012 - "Just S of City Hall (out of sight behind the
old Central Post Office) on lower Broadway."   Thanks Steve !
New York Coliseum
This convention centre was completed in 1956 and demolished in
2000. The Time Warner Center now stands on the site.
An unusual postcard from 1916, showing "Shooting the Chutes, Coney
Madison Square Garden
The New Madison Square Gardens - probably from the late 1920s.
Did You Know..........that the gangster Al
Capone was born in Brooklyn in 1899 ?
And Did You Know..........that the film actress Rita Hayworth
was born Margarita Carmen Cansino in Brooklyn in 1918 ?
NYC, Hotel Commodore
"The Hotel Commodore, Lexington Avenue, 42nd
and 43rd Streets, has 2,000 rooms. This is one of the
largest additions to New York City's palatial hotels.
Unsurpassed for modern conveniences, services
and cuisine."   
St patricks Cathedral
St Patrick's Cathedral and Central Park, two postcards from the 1940s. From the reverse of the
latter - "Central Park Lake looking towards 5th Avenue. Here are shown the Savoy Plaza, the
Sherry-Netherlands and Pierre Hotels."                             
Central park, New York City
"Broadway, north from Liberty Street, is a
deep canyon, formed by huge skyscrapers
through which a great human tide flows
ceaselessly day after day. In this district is
located the financial and commercial heart of
the world."    
Chrysler Building
An excellent postcard of the Chrysler
Building, completed in 1930 and still the
most beautiful of all New York's
Paramount Building
"The Paramount Building and Paramount
Theatre, located at Times Sq. between 43rd
St. and 44th St. at the crossroads of the
world. It rises to a height of 35 stories. The
theatre seats 4,000 and is directly to the rear
of the main structure. One of the novel
features of the building is a Hall of Nations, in
which is set (sic) stones from famous and
historic buildings all over the world." This
postcard was mailed in 1942.   
Did You  Know.......that the actor Alan Alda,
who played Hawkeye Pierce in "
MASH", is
yet another product of the Bronx ? He was
born in 1936.
An aerial view of the East River Bridges.
A 1900s view of NYC Skyline, with the Singer Building in the centre.  
Subway Entrances, City Hall Park - a 1906 postcard.
Central Park Obelisk
The Obelisk in Central Park - a postcard published in 1917, mailed in
NYC, Hudson Terminal
The Hudson Terminal and Tubes - an unused
and thus undated postcard.
NYC, Lower Broadway
Lower Broadway, with the Singer Building in
the background.
Paramount Building, NYC
An unused and undated postcard of the
Paramount Building.
Old Postcard, Brooklyn, Grant Square
This old postcard of Grant Square in Brooklyn was mailed in 1912.   
Chinatown, NYC
Opium Smokers in Chinatown.
New York City in 1942
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street about 1940.
Bowling Green, NYC
Singer Building, New York City
Liberty Tower, NYC
"The Bowling Green is located at the foot of
Broadway and is the city's oldest park. In
1626 it was used as a drill ground in front of
Fort Amsterdam. In 1776 an equestrian
statue made of lead of King George III was
set up in the center of Bowling Green but on
July 9th of the year it was torn down and
made into bullets for the use of patriots. It is
now the center of the most import business
district in the city."  
The Singer Building - no date for this one
either. This building was completed in 1908
and demolished in 1968.   
"Liberty Tower. At the northwest corner of
Liberty and Nassau Streets. A 31-story
building, on plot 57.9 by 82.1 feet. - Largest
office area compared to the small plot it
occupies." Completed in 1910, this building
was variously known as the Sinclair Building
and the Evening Post Building. In 1979 it was
converted into apartments.   
Did You Know.......that Herman Melville,
author of "
Moby Dick", was born in New
York City in 1819 ?
NYC Singer Building
This postcard of the Singer Building was
mailed in 1911.
Knickerbocker Hotel
The Knickerbocker Hotel - this building is at
1466 Broadway and is now condominiums.
Click on
this link for some interesting
background information.
NYC Stock Exchange
An early postcard of the Stock Exchange.  
Bronx City Hall
A postcard of the Bronx City Hall - posted in 1913.  
No date for this view of some ladies out for a stroll on the Brooklyn
Union League Club, Brooklyn
A 1914 postcard of the Union League Club in
NYC, Ansonia Hotel
A 1909 postcard of the Ansonia at Broadway
and 73rd. "Most Superbly Equiped House In
The World".
Brooklyn Subway
The Brooklyn Subway.    
A jolly but somewhat uncomfortable way to see NYC - anyone know
how this vehicle was propelled - is that an engine underneath ? The
driver has a steering wheel - well he'd need it !
Wannamakers Store in 1906. Go to our Philadelphia page and have a
look at their Philly store !
An advertising postcard for the Broadway Central Hotel at 3rd and
Broadway. This building collapsed in 1973, killing four people. Click on
the link to read about it !
NYC World's Fair
The British Pavilion at the 1940 World's Fair.
Manhattan Opera House
A 1912 postcard of the Manhattan Opera
RCA Building
The RCA Building - a 1941 postcard.
This postcard from 1906 shows 14th Ave and
6th St.
Times Building, NYC
The Times Building, 1 Times Square,
completed in 1905. It is now (2008) just a
billboard for the electric advertising signs in
Times Square and apparently is almost
A great old view of the Flatiron Building in
Grand Central Terminal, NYC
Grand Central Terminal.    
Brooklyn Bridge
"Brooklyn Bridge from City Hall, Manhattan to Sands Street. Brooklyn
Bridge was started in 1870 opened May 24th 1883, considered the
world's greatest achievement in Bridge construction. Total length 6537
feet, width 85 feet, 500,000 people and 5,000 vehicles cross the bridge
Old Postcard, Manhattan Skyline
The Manhattan Skyline in the 1940s.    
Old Postcard - New York City, Central Park
Old Postcard - New York City, Central Park
by Postcards of the Past
Empire State Building Souvenir Mug
Empire State Building Souvenir Mug
by Postcards of the Past
Keychain - Brooklyn Bridge
Keychain - Brooklyn Bridge
by Postcards of the Past
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