What can one say about New York except that it is one of the world's great cities, full of life,
atmosphere, friendly people and some amazing architecture. OK it has its not so good points
too, but so does everywhere else, and as cities go this is one of the best !
Municipal Building, New York City
"The Whitehall Building, on Battery Place,
between West and Washington Streets, is
the largest single office building in the world.
The original building, 20 stories, 254 feet
high, was finished in 1903 at a cost of
$1,000,000; the new addition of 32 stories,
416 feet high, was finished in 1911, and cost
$4,600,000. The building covers 21 city lots.
Home of the Weather Bureau and of the
Millionaires' Club."   
Rockefeller Center, NYC
A rather strange postcard of the Rockefeller
Centre, probably from an architect's sketch.  
Whitehall Building, New York City
Braodway and 5th Avenue, NYC
Flatiron Building, NYC
St Paul Building, NYC
The St Paul Building by night - an unused
and thus undated postcard.    
St Paul Building, night view
Woolworth Building, NYC
"The Trinity Building is located at 111
Broadway just south of Trinity Church. It is a
magnificent modern office building of pure
Gothic architecture rising to a height of 308
feet and resting on 70 pneumatic caissons,
each one sunk 75 feet below the sidewalk.
The United Realty Building just north is
connected by a bridge near the top of the
The Trinity Building was completed in 1905,
the Realty in 1907. Click
here for images from
another website.   
Trinity and United Realty Buildings
Cooper Square, NYC
Grand Central Terminal, NYC
42nd Street, NYC
"The Grand Central Terminal covers 69.8 acres facing East 42nd
Street, from Vanderbilt to Lexington Avenue, the largest and most
costly Railroad Station in the world. It has 31 miles of tracks under
cover, with a capacity for handling 200 trains and 70,000 passengers
each hour. There are 42 tracks for long distance trains on the 42nd
Street level, and 25 tracks for suburban trains in concourse, 25 feet
below the Street."   )
"Cooper Square where Fourth and Third Avenues merge into the
Bowery. Cooper Union was founded by Peter Cooper in 1859. It is a
free school of science and art with an endowment of $4,000,000. The
Bible House built in 1852 by American Bible Society has issued
90,000,000 Bibles in 95 years."  
Madison Square Garden, NYC
Fifth Avenue, NYC
"Madison Square Garden occupies an entire
city block from Madison to Fourth Avenue
and 36th to 37th Streets. It is the largest
Amphitheatre in America, the interior being
300 by 200 feet, 80 feet high with an arena
268x122 feet, seating capacity 12,000. The
tower is 341 feet high, statue of Diana is 13
feet high. Erected in 1890 at a cost of
$3,000,000." This was the second of four
Madison Square Gardens, built in 1890 and
demolished in 1925.
Claremont, NYC
Public Library, NYC
Historic Claremont, Riverside Drive.
"Claremont Restaurant is one of the historic land marks of the city,
being located along Riverside Drive, on a bluff overlooking Grant's
Tomb. It was modeled after Lord Cleve's historic Claremont in Surrey,
England, which is now owned by King George. Claremont was once
the residence of Joseph Bonaparte who was made King of Spain by
It has been difficult to find much  about this place - click on
this link.   
This postcard was mailed in 1906. It's an interesting view of the
Bowery, spoiled by having had "sparkle" glued on it - this was quite
common in the 1900s and was thought by some to enhance the cards !!
The Woolworth Building.
"Cathedral of Commerce. Highest Building in
the World. Height 792 ft. 69 stories. Gothic
Architecture. 12,000 people occupy the
building. There are 3,000 offices. Contains 24
High Speed Elevators that can travel at the
rate of 750 feet per minute. The Power Plant
generates sufficient electrical energy to
supply the requirements of a city of 50,000
Trinity Church, NYC
Seventh Avenue, NYC
Three more views of the Flatiron Building - which is very photogenic !!  The left hand card is from 1911, the centre from 1909 and that on the
right is unused and thus undated.  
Elevated Railway, NYC
Old Postcard, New York City, Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge in the 1940s.  Click here for a live webcam view
of the bridge.
This postcard shows the view from the Fuller Building at 23rd St,
Broadway and 5th Avenue. This was the first Fuller Building and is
better known as the
Flatiron Building - the second Fuller is on East
"Seventh Avenue uptown is one of the main thoroughfares and is
lined on both sides with prominent and imposing apartment buildings.
125th (sic) Street is the center of the uptown shopping district. Many
of New York's finest apartment buildings are to be found in this
"42nd Street is now the most prominent Street in New York. It is the
very center of the theatre and Hotel district most of the large play
houses and hotels being located on 42nd or nearby streets. This view
is taken from the front of Grand Central Station."   
"New York Public Library is located on Fifth Avenue covering two
entire blocks from 40th to 42nd Streets. It is built entirely of marble
and cost $9,000,000. The corner stone was laid Nov 10 1902 - the
library was opened May 23rd 1911. The main stock room is 270 feet
long, contains 1,600,000 volumes and has 7,000 periodicals on file."   
The Elevated Railway - click on the link for an excellent website with
loads of information !!.     
"The new Municipal Building on Park Row,
facing City Hall Park, completed 1913, 34
stories (15 in tower), contains offices for the
various city departments. Its foundation, the
most difficult ever constructed, consists of
116 pneumatic caissons, sunk in some
places 260 feet below street level."
A 1909 postcard of the Flatiron Building.
A 1908 postcard of the St Paul Building on
Broadway and Ann Street, built between
1895 and 1898 and demolished in 1958. When
completed, this 315 feet building was the
tallest in New York City.
"The Woolworth Building, just completed,
occupies a plot 152 X 197 feet at Broadway
and Barclay Streets. It is the tallest building
in the world, rising to a height of 750 feet 55
stories above the ground. The foundation
consists of caissons 19 feet in diameter sunk
to bedrock 110 to 130 feet below the ground.
Total cost is estimated at $15,000,000. "
The building was completed in 1913, so this
dates this postcard.   
"Fifth Avenue North from 42nd Street,
formerly a center of fashion, is now a
congested retail business district, some of
New York's leading retail stores being
located here. The City's foremost clubs are
located near 43rd, 44th and 45th Streets.
Delmonico's Restaurant, founded in 1828 is
at 44th Street."     
"Trinity Church is located on Broadway at the
head of Wall Street. Trinity is said to be the
wealthiest parish in the world, owning
£10,000,000 worth of real estate in the lower
part of the city. Trinity church was founded in
1696, this being the third building on this site,
completed in 1846. $40,000 bronze doors and
a $100,000 marble altar, donated by the Astor
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Old Postcard, New York City, Herald Square, Macey's
A great postcard of Herald Square and Macy's - or at least that's what it
says on the postcard ! However, one of our "viewers", a NYC resident,
has pointed out the postcard manufacturer's error.  The large, white
building which dominates the picture is in fact not Macy's but the old
Saks department store, and the square is Greeley Square, not Herald
Square.   Macy's is the building behind Saks (with two flags on the
roof).  The postcard also shows the
Sixth Avenue Elevated Railway
which was built in the 1870s and finally demolished in 1939. Thanks,
Neil, for the information.
Click here for more old postcards of NYC !
Did You Know........that the film actor
Jeff Chandler was born in Brooklyn in
1918 ?
And Did You Know........that Danny
Kaye, the actor, singer and comedian,
was also born in Brooklyn, in 1913 ?
Did You Know........that Robert de
Niro, the film actor, director and
producer, was born in New York City ?
And Did You Know........that Douglas
Fairbanks Jr, the actor and World War 2
Naval Officer, was born in New York City in
1909 ? His father was the actor
Did You Know.........that the composer and pianist George
Gershwin was born in Brooklyn in 1898 ? His older brother Ira,
the lyricist, with whom he collaborated in much of his work,
was also born in NYC, in 1896.
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Rockaway Park, NYC
Rockaway Park.
Mott Street, Chinatown, NYC
Mott Street in Chinatown.
Troboro Bridge, NYC
The Triboro Bridge, renamed the Robert F Kennedy Bridge in 2008.
Also visible is the
Hell Gate Bridge. A 1937 postcard.
Pell Street, Chinatown, NYC
Pell Street in Chinatown.
Lexington Ave, NYC
New York Clearing House, NYC
Statue of Liberty
New York Clearing House.
Statue of Liberty.
123 Lexington Avenue.
Chinatown, NYC
Chinatown, NYC
Two more old postcards depicting Chinatown.
Borough Park, Brooklyn
62nd St Subway Station in Borough Park, Brooklyn - a 1926 postcard.
Penn Station, NYC
Pennsylvania Station.
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Elevated Railroad, NYC
NYC, Blackwell's Island Bridge
Blackwell's Island Bridge.
NYC Statue of Liberty
An aerial view of Liberty Island and the statue.   
NYC, Queensborough Bridge
Queensboro Bridge over Welfare Island.
Lower Manhattan, Aerial
An aerial view of Lower Manhattan.  
Surf Avenue and Steeplechase Park, Coney Island
Surf Avenue and Steeplechase Park, Coney Island.
Washington Bridge, NYC
Washington Bridge.
Old Mill, Coney Island, New York
The Old Mill, Luna Park, Coney Island.
Virginia Reel, Luna Park, Coney Island
Virginia Reel, Luna Park, Coney Island.   
NYC, La Guardia
An interesting view of La Guardia - very poor quality postcard !
New York City, Ellis Island
No date for this postcard of Ellis Island.
Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan
An excellent view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan.   
Central Park, New York City, Vintage Postcard
Central Park.
Woolworth Building, NYC
Another postcard of the Woolworth Building.
New York Post Office
The Post Office.
NYC, Hotel Biltmore
The Hotel Biltmore.
Chambers Building, NYC
Broadway and Chambers Building.
New Cunard Building, NYC, Old Postcard
The New Cunard Building.
Metropolitan Life Building, New York City
The Metropolitan Life Building.
World Building, NYC
The World Building.
NYC, Gillender Building
The Gillender Building.
National Bank Of Commerce, NYC
The National Bank of Commerce.
Winter, Central Park, NYC, Old Postcard
No date for this one - and it's one of those postcards which could have
been overprinted with the name of anywhere in the world where it
snows !
City Hall Park, New York City
City Hall Park.
Grand Central, New York City
Grand Central Terminal.
St Paul's Chapel, NYC
St Paul's Chapel.
Washington Arch, NYC
Washington Arch.
Times Square, NYC
Times Square.
Broadway, NYC
Broadway from Times Square.
New York Cotton Exchange
The Cotton Exchange.
Hotel Knickerbocker, NYC
Two postcards of the Knickerbocker. "The Knickerbocker Hotel is located on Broadway on
the southeast corner of 42nd Street in the heart of Manhattan. It is beautifully decorated with
mural paintings by Maxfield Parrish, James Wall Finn and Frederick Remington. It is noted as
one of the finest hotels in the US. James B Regan, Prop."
Bethesda Fountain, NYC
Ellis Island, NYC
The Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
Ellis Island.
Old Postcard, 5th Avenue, New York City
Fifth Ave, NYC
Fifth Avenue.
A view of the River Front - very different now !
Aquarium and Fire Boat.
Williamsburg Bridge Approach, NYC
Bankers Trust and Equitable Building, NYC
The approach to the Williamsburg Bridge.
The Bankers Trust and Equitable Building.
A nighttime view of the Equitable Building.
NYC, Washington Square
Washington Square.
Grants Tomb, Riverside Drive, NYC
Grant's Tomb on Riverside Drive.
Longacre Square, NYC
"Longacre square is formed by the intersection of Broadway and
Seventh Avenue, extending south of 42nd to 47th Streets. It is the
centre of the Theatre and Hotel district, 28 of America's leading
playhouses being situated within a radius of 290 yards. More people
pass 42nd and Broadway than any other point in the world".
New York Hippodrome
The Hippodrome.
Plaza Hotel, New York City
The Plaza Hotel - a 1910 postcard.
Hotel Ansonia, NYC
A 1915 postcard of the Ansonia Hotel.
La Guardia, NYC
An interesting view of La Guardia Airport from 1941.
New Court House, NYC
The New Court House.
Battery Park, NYC
Metropolitan Life Insurance, NYC
An undated view of Battery Park.
A 1910 postcard showing the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building, and
the new and old Parkhurst Churches.
Manhattan Hotel, NYC
Union Square, New York City
Park Row and St Paul Buildings, NYC
The Manhattan Hotel - a 1917 postcard.
Park Row and St Paul Buildings - an undated
A 1912 postcard of Union Square.
Did You Know.......that the singer Billy Joel was
born in the
Bronx in 1949 ?
And Did You Know.......that the singer Bobby
Darin was also born in the Bronx, in 1936 ?
Two unused postcards of the Empire State Buidling - probably from the 1940s or 50s.          
Empire State Building
Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall, which opened in
December 1932.   
NYC, Riverside Drive
A 1910 postcard of Riverside Drive.
Soldiers and Sailors Monument
An undated postcard of the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument.    
Brooklyn Bridge
Two undated and not very good quality postcards of the Brooklyn Bridge.
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Old Postcard - Central Park, New York City
Old Postcard - Central Park, New York City
by Postcards of the Past
Empire State Building Souvenir Mug
Empire State Building Souvenir Mug
by Postcards of the Past
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