Moscow is the capital of Russia and also its largest city. Formerly the capital of the Soviet
Union, it lies on the Moskva River and is  the largest city on the European continent by area.
Moscow has a humid continental climate with long, cold winters, usually lasting from
mid-November to the end of March, and warm summers.
Old Postcard, Russia, Moscow, Red Square
Can't quite make out the date on this excellent postcard of Red Square
and Lenin's Tomb.  
Moscow, Hotel Ukraine
The Ukraine Hotel - an undated card.
Moscow, Kremlin
Another undated view - this one of the Kremlin.
Moscow, Kremlin
Kremlin 1909
Moscow, Troitskaya Gate
Moscow, Kremlin
Three postcards of the Kremlin - the two on the right are dated 1907.
Another view of the Kremlin - this one from 1909.
Moscow, Cannon
Moscow, Jaroslavsky Station
A very large cannon at the Kremlin.
Jaroslavsky Station.
Imperial Palace, Kremlin
The Imperial Palace at the Kremlin.
Moscow, Afremov's House
Afremov's House "at the Red Gate".
Moscow, Lyubyanskaya Square
Loubyanskaya Square.
Moscow, View
No date for this view of the city.
Moscow University
Moscow University in the early 20th Century.
Kremlin in Winter
Another undated postcard of a very cold looking Kremlin.
Moscow, Spasski Gate and Vosnessenski Monastery
The Spasski Gate and the Vosnessenski Monastery.
Kremlin, Vintage Postcard
Another view of the Kremlin.
Pushkin Memorial
Monument to Pushkin.
The Kremlin yet again.
One more undated view of the Kremlin.
Moscow, Church of Ascension
No date for this view of the Kremlin.
An early 20th Century postcard of the Church
of the Ascension.
Moscow, Notre Dame de Iberia
An excellent view of the Gate of Notre Dame de Iberia.
Tverskaya Street in 1910.
A rather chilly looking view of Moscow,  posted in 1910.
Moscow, Tretyakovsky Proezd
Tretyakovskiy Thoroughfare - a 1936
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Postcards of the Past
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Moscow - Arbat
Arbatskaya Ploshad.
Moscow, Warwarinskaya Ploshad
Warwarinskaya Ploshad.
Moscow - Winter
A winter view of the Kremlin.
A Pilgrimage to Notre Dame Bogoloubskaya.
The Cathedral of St Saveur, on the Moscow River.
Moscow, House of the Romanovs
House of the Romanovs.
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
Postcard, Moscow, Sverdlov Square, 1935
Postcard, Moscow, Sverdlov Square, 1935
by Postcards of the Past
Bolshoi Theatre Souvenir Mug
Bolshoi Theatre Souvenir Mug
by Postcards of the Past
Moscow, Red Square
Moscow, Red Square
by Postcards of the Past
Teatralnaya Ploshad - a double width postcard.
Moscow - Kremlin
The Red Porch (?) at the Kremlin.
Moscow - Metro Train
A Moscow Metro Train.
Moscow Metro Station
Dvorets Sovietov (Soviet Palace) Metro Station.
Moscow - Sadovaya
The Sadovaya.
Old Postcard, Moscow, Bolshoi Theatre 1936
A 1936 postcard of the Bolshoi Theatre.  
The bell of Ivan the Great at the Kremlin.
Moscow - Arbat
The Arbat.
The Old Gostinoi Palace.
Moscow - Arbat
Another old postcard of the Arbat.
Sadovaya - Spasskaya Street - a 1936 postcard.
Moscow, Sadovaya, Spasskaya Street 1936
Moscow, Kremlin 1933
This postcard shows the Great Palace of the Kremlin in 1933.   
Church of the Assumption, Pokrovka Street
Varvarka Street
Moscow, National Agricultural Commissariat 1936
The home of the National Agricultural Commissariat - a 1936 postcard.
Moscow, House of Peasants 1933
Moscow Central and Moscow District House of Peasants - this one is
dated 1933.
Moscow, Smolenskaya Square
Smolenskaya Square - a postcard printed in 1936.
And Did You Know.....that Fyodor Dostoevski, the
Russian author ("Crime and Punishment", "The Brothers
Karamazov", "The Idiot") was born in Moscow in 1821 ?
Did You Also Know.....that Aleksandr Pushkin, the
Russian author ("Boris Godunov", "Evgeni Onegin") was
born in Moscow in 1799 ?
Did You Know.....that Anna Kournikova, the Russian
tennis player was born in Moscow in 1981 ?
Moscow - Convent
Novodevichy Convent (Новоде́вичий монасты́рь).
Moscow, Gorky Street (Tverskaya Street)
Gorky Street - or Tverskaya Street.
Moscow, Kirov Street Post office 1936
The Post Office Building on Kirov Street in 1936.
Tretyakovskaya Gallery
The Tretyakovskaya Gallery.
Moscow, Flats
"Dangauerovka" - a block of workers' flats.
Workers' Flats, Moscow
Another block of workers' flats.
Moscow - Monastery
An unnamed monastery in Moscow.
Moscow, Kremlin
The monument to Alexander II by the Kremlin.
Moscow, Nikolaevsky Station
Nikolayevsky Station.
Moscow, Petrovka 1936
This Soviet-era postcard of Petrovka was printed in 1936.  
Museum of Artistic Furniture
Komsomolskaya Square Metro Station
Arbatskaya Square Metro Station, Moscow, Vintage Postcard
A platform of the Komsomolskaya Square
Metro Station.
The Arbatskaya Square Metro Station - a 1936
The Museum of Artistic Furniture (formerly
Novo-Devichi Monastery).
Smolenskaya Square Metro
The Vestibule of the Smolenskaya Square Metro.  
Moscow, Metro
A single-line tunnel in the Kirov Metro section.
Moscow, Nikolskaya Ulitsa
A great postcard of Nikolskaya Street in the early 1900s.   
Moscow, Kuznetski Most
Kuznetski Most.   
Moscow - Varvarka Street
Another old card of Varvarka Street.
Kolkhoznaya Square
Kolkhoznaya Square (Collective Farm Square) a 1930s postcard.
Moscow Planetarium
Moscow Planetarium - was the photographer trying to be a bit arty or
was he on the vodka ?
Moscow - Hotel de Ville
The City Assembly Building.
Another view of Varvarka Street.
Moscow View
A view across the city.
Bolshoi Theatre, Vintage Postcard
The Bolshoi Theatre.
Moscow, Gorky Street
A 1941 postcard of Gorky Street, now back to its orginal name of
Tverskaya Street.
Moscow Apartments
A block of apartments on Chistotrudnom (Pure Work) Boulevard.
Krassnow Place, Moscow
Krassnow Place, Moscow.
Moscow, View, Old Postcard
Moscow from St Saviour's.
Teatralniy Proezd 1936
Teatralniy Passage in 1936.
Moscow, Tverskaya Street, Vintage Postcard
Tverskaya Street in the early 20th Century.
Mossovyet and Freedom Memorial
Mossovyet and Freedom Memorial.
Moscow, National Road Communication Commissariat
The National Road Communication Commissariat Building.
Hotel Metropole, Moscow
The Hotel Metropole.   
New Moscow Hotel 1936
The New-Moscow Hotel in 1936.
Lenin's Tomb in Red Square.
The following seven postcards are all from the same series, produced in the early 1930s. Lenin
died in 1924 and had two other tombs before this one, which was completed in 1929.
Moscow, Red Square, Lenin's Tomb
Moscow, Red Square, Lenin's Tomb
Vintage Postcard, Lenin's Tomb
Lenin's Tomb, Vintage Postcard
Red Square, Lenin's Tomb
Old Postcard, Moscow, Sverdlov Square 1935
This postcard of Sverdlov Square was printed in 1935.  
Kropotinskaya Gate Metro, Moscow
This 1936 postcard shows the Kropotkinskiye Gate Metro Station.
Palace of Labour, Moscow
The Palace of Labour.
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Brest Station - now Belorussky Station. Follow this link for a history of
the station.
Gorky/Tverskaya Ulitsa.
Moscow Metro
The vestibule of the Kurskaya Metro Station.
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