Menton, Alpes Maritimes
Menton is a French town located on the French-Italian border a few kilometres from Monte
Carlo. It is a pleasant place to visit with a nice promenade and plenty of places to eat and drink -
well worth a stop-over if you are in the area.
Menton, Chateau de Grimaldi
Menton, View
Menton, Baie de Garavan
Menton et Cap Martin
Menton and Cap Martin.
La Baie de Garavan in a postcard mailed in 1906.
Menton, Advertising Postcard
Menton, Pont Saint-Louis
The Chateau de Grimaldi on the French-Italian border.    
A modern reproduction of an advertising
poster from the early 1900s.
Old Postcard, Menton, Casino
This is a super old postcard of the Casino and its gardens, posted in
Menton, Aerial View, Vintage Postcard
An aerial view of Menton in the 1960s. "Au premier plan, au bord de la
mer, le Casino Municipal et sa piscine. Au loin, l'Italie."
Menton, Casino
Another view of the Casino. This postcard was sent by a French
soldier to his wife, telling how he was lodged at the Casino, and how
he did not regret the Dardenelles.
The Pont Saint-Louis on the Franco-Italian border.
A view of Menton from the border.
Menton, Customs Post
The French Customs Post on the Italian border - a 1954 postcard.  
Menton, View
Menton, Vieille Carte Postale
             Two excellent real photo views of Menton from the early 1960s.                  
Menton, Notre Dame de l'Annonciade
Menton in the 1950s.
This 1959 postcard is of the last flight of
steps to Notre-Dame de l'Annonciade, which
is 230 metres above sea-level.
Menton, Plage
An undated postcard which claims to show the beach !!
Menton, Franco-Italian Border
The French-Italian border, just outside Menton. This postcard dates
from 1908.
Menton, Promenade
A 1909 postcard of the Promenade.   
Menton, Harbour
An undated postcard of Menton Harbour.
Menton, Montee de la Conception
La Montee de la Conception.
Menton, Promenade
Another view of the Promenade.  
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The Red Rocks.   
A view of Menton from the Franco-Italian border.  
Menton, Promenade du Midi
La Promenade du Midi.   

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Menton, France
The Old Town.
Menton Souvenir Mug
Menton Souvenir Mug
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Menton, France
Old Postcard - Menton, France
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Menton, France
Old Postcard - Menton, France
by Postcards of the Past
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