Leamington Spa - formerly known as Leamington Priors - is about a dozen miles to the north of Stratford-upon-Avon and is now
virtually joined to
Warwick.  Leamington grew around the saline springs and the Royal Pump Room and Baths, which were opened
in 1814. A treatment at the baths was supposed to be very beneficial and claimed to cure many disorders - gout, rheumatism,
stiffness of the joints etc - and the spa water was drunk as a laxative. There are many beautiful old buildings in the town, which
has a wide, main shopping street - the Parade - and some well maintained gardens around the river Leam.
Charles Dickens was a
frequent visitor and set a scene in "
Dombey and Son" in the town. For more information about Leamington, visit Leamington Spa
Leamington, Pump Room Gardens
Bandstand, Jephson Gardens, Leamington
             Two great old postcards, both posted to Ireland in September 1909.                         
Leamington, Pump Rooms
Old Postcard, Royal Leamington Spa, the Parade and Church.
Leamington, River Leam
An early view of the Pump Rooms.
A 1903 postcard of the Parade and the Parish Church.
Leamington, Boating Pool
The Boating Pool, Mill Garden - a postcard from 1908.
A view similar to that on the left, but from the early 1900s.
Leamington, Pump Room Gardens
A super postcard from 1904.  
A nice wintery view of the Pump Room Gardens, posted in 1906.
Old Postcard, Jephson Gardens, Bandstand, Leamington Spa
Regent Hotel, Royal Leamington Spa
Jephson Gardens and the Bandstand in a postcard which was
mailed about 1912.  
The Regent Hotel, probably a pre-WW1 postcard.
The River from Victoria Bridge - a postcard from 1914.
York Walk, Leamington Spa
This is a lovely old postcard of York Walk, posted in 1905.  
Leamington Spa
Leamington Spa
Leamington Spa
Leamington Spa
Leamington Parish Church
Gabrielle Ray
Leamington Church
This early 20th Century view has a George V halfpenny stamp, but
the date is not legible.
A 1905 multiview.
Leamington, Regent Grove and Town Hall
An unused postcard of the River Leam, probably from the 1930s.
A 1905 postcard of the actress
Ray - I can't find any
specific connection between her
and Leamington, so I presume an
appearance there resulted in the
production of this card.
This type of postcard was widely
produced in the early 20th
Century. It was very simple to
add any place name when
Leamington Parish Church.
The Town Hall and Regent Grove.
An early 20th Century view of the Parade and the Town Hall.
Leamington, Parade and Town Hall
Leamington. Linden Avenue
A 1910 postcard of Linden Avenue.   
Did You Know.... that Randolph Turpin,
middleweight boxer who defeated Sugar Ray
Robinson in 1951 for the world title, was born in
Leamington in 1928 ?

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I drove through Leamington on 30 Nov 2008 and was sad to see that
the old Midland Red garage opposite the station has been
demolished. My dad used to drive for the Midland Red and was
based at this garage.
And Did You Know....that Aleister Crowley was
born at 30 Clarendon Square ? You may never
have heard of this gentleman (we hadn't !) but
we think you will find his life interesting - follow
this link to read about him.
Leamington, Obelisk
The Obelisk in the Jephson Gardens.
Leamington, Manor House Hotel
The Manor House Hotel.
Lillington, Warwickshire
Lillington - where I lived in 1937-38.
Cubbington Church
Cubbington Church.  
Warneford Hospital, Leamington Spa
Bath Street, Leamington Spa
Bath Street and Victoria Terrace.  
Leamington, Pump Room Gardens
The Band Stand in the Pump Room Gardens.
Church Hill, Cubbington
Church Hill, Cubbington.
Postcards of the Past
Royal Leamington Spa
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The Pump Rooms.
Two views of the Jephson Gardens.
The oak tree which was said to be the centre of England.
Jephson Gardens.
Leamington Spa
Adelaide Bridge.
Old Postcard, Leamington Spa, Tram
A super view of a tram on the Parade - the card was posted in 1905.   
Leamington, Parade
I love the fashions in this 1930s postcard of the Lower Parade.
Leamington, Weir and Suspension Bridge
A 1920s postcard of the Weir and Suspension bridge.
Leamington, Electric Tramway
A poor quality postcard but with an excellent picture - the "New
Electric Tramway" on the Parade.
Leamington Spa 1912
A postcard from 1912.
Victoria Bridge. Leamington
A postcard of Victoria Bridge, posted in 1921.  
GWR King Henry VIII
GWR King Class engine No 6013, King Henry VIII passing through
Leamington Spa.
Leamington Town Hall and Parade
Town Hall, Leamington
The Parade in the late 40s or early 50s.  
Another view of the Parade and a tram.
Leamington, Band Pavilion
An undated postcard of "The New Band Pavilion from Boat House,
Mill Gardens".
Leamington, New River Walk
This postcard of New River Walk was mailed in 1909.
Leamington, Old Well
"The Old Well" - a postcard from 1918.
Leamington, Boat House
This postcard of the Boat House was mailed in 1907.
Leamington, Aerial View
A superb view of the town in a postcard produced by the Great
Western Railway, probably pre-WW1.  
Leamington Spa
Another view of the Town Hall and Parade.
Jephson Gardens 1907
Jephson Gardens in 1907.
Leamington Boating Lake 1904
A postcard from 1904, showing the Boating Lake.
Willes Bridge, Leamington
Another beautiful postcard from a water colour by W W Quatremain,
this one of Willes Bridge.
Lower Parade, Leamington, Vintage Postcard
A super postcard, produced from a real photograph which was
taken in the days when a camera was a novelty - posted in 1913.   
Jephson Gardens
Two "Nu-Kuler" postcards, produced by H & J Busst of Coventry, and probably dating from the 1930s.
Binswood Avenue
A "Moonlight" postcard showing Binswood Avenue - unused and
Adelaide Bridge, Leamington
An early 20th Century postcard of Adelaide Bridge.  
Leamington Aerial
The lake about 1910.
Town Hall and Parade, Leamington
An excellent postcard of the Town Hall and the Parade.  
St Mary's Church, Leamington Spa
No date for this view of St Mary's Church.
Leamington, Jephson Gardens
The Temple in the Jephson Gardens.
Leamington, Warneford Hospital
The Warneford Hospital which closed and was demolished in the 1990s.   
Leamington, Parade
The Parade.
The Pump Room Gardens.
High Street, Cubbington
High Street, Cubbington.
Bath Street, Leamington Spa
Bath Street and the Bath Hotel.
Royal Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa
Two more views of the Pump Room Gardens.
Leamington Spa, Vintage Postcard
Clement Street
Clement Street - and a dog. Should be Clemens Street I think.
Cubbington Church gates and the War Memorial.
Pump Room Gardens, Leamington
The Pump Room Gardens once again, this time in the 1920s.............
Leamington Spa
......................whilst this one dates from around 1912.
Royal Leamington Spa
Greetings Card - Royal Leamington Spa
Greetings Card - Royal Leamington Spa
by Postcards of the Past
Greetings Card - Royal Leamington Spa
Greetings Card - Royal Leamington Spa
by Postcards of the Past
Magnet - Tram, Leamington Spa
Magnet - Tram, Leamington Spa
by Postcards of the Past
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A History of Leamington
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