Ipswich, on the River Orwell, is the county town of Suffolk.  The town has changed a lot over
the years with much of the former docks being redeveloped for housing.
Old Postcard, Ipswich, Suffolk, Cornhill
A lovely old postcard of the Cornhill and some Corporation Trams.
Ipswich, Butter Market
Stoke Bridge, Ipswich
Ipswich, Ancient House
An unused postcard of Stoke Bridge, probably from the 1930s.   
The Butter Market in 1930.  
Ancient House - which is its name, as well as an apt description !   
Cornhill, Ipswich
Ipswich Town Hall
This postcard of the Cornhill was mailed in 1914.
The Town Hall. The trams appear to have been replaced by electric
Ipswich Aerial View
An undated aerial view of Ipswich.  
Tavern Street, Ipswich
Post Office and Town Hall, Ipswich
A pleasant view along Tavern Street in this postcard mailed in 1906.  
This postcard of the Post Office and the Town Hall dates from 1911.  
Ipswich, Wolsey's Birthplace
St Peters Church, Ipswich
Wolsey's Birthplace.
Christchurch Park, Ipswich
                   Two early 20th Century postcards of Christchurch Park.                    
Tavern Street, Ipswich
A 1909 postcard of Tavern Street.
Ipswich, Christchurch Mansion
An undated postcard of Christchurch Mansion.
A 1921 postcard.   
Ipswich Lyceum Theatre
An undated postcard of Carr Street and the Lyceum Theatre.  
Christchurch Park Mansion
Christchurch Park Mansion.
Ipswich Cattle Market
An interesting postcard of the Cattle Market.
Gainsborough Lane, Ipswich
A 1905 postcard of Gainsborough Lane.
Ipswich, the promenade
An undated view of the Promenade.
River Orwell
This postcard was mailed in 1910.
Did You Know.... that Thomas, Cardinal
Wolsey, was born in Ipswich in 1471 ?
Did You Also Know.... that V S Pritchett, the
author, was born in the town in 1900 ?

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Ostrich Inn, Ipswich
It is said that the name of this 400 year old pub by Bourne Bridge,  
"Ostrich",  was a mistake caused by a drunken landlord whose slurred
speech resulted in the sign writer mis-understanding his orders for
the sign to be painted "The Oyster Reach".
Postcards of the Past
Ipswich, Suffolk
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Ipswich - Stoke Bridge
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Ipswich Station, Suffolk
Ipswich Station.
Ipswich, Old Postcard
The Promenade and Lock Gates.
Old Postcard - Ipswich Railway Station
Old Postcard - Ipswich Railway Station
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Carr St, Ipswich, Suffolk
Old Postcard - Carr St, Ipswich, Suffolk
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Ipswich, Suffolk in 1921
Old Postcard - Ipswich, Suffolk in 1921
by Postcards of the Past
Ipswich, Cornhill
Ipswich - Princes Street
Top of Princes Street.
Ipswich, Butter Market
Butter Market.
Old Postcard, Ipswich, Norwich Road
Norwich Road from Barrack Corner - a 1907 postcard.
Did You Know............that Silent Street in
Ipswich was reputedly so-named because
every single inhabitant died of the plague, the
street thus becoming "silent" ?
Ipswich West End
Ipswich Aerial
An undated "Bird's Eye View" of the West End of Ipswich.
This aerial view dates from 1965.
Ipswich, Northgate Street
Northgate Street and the New Library - no date for this one.
Great White Horse Hotel, Ipswich
The Great White Horse Hotel.
Old Postcard, Ipswich, King Street
This postcard of King Street was mailed in 1912.
Bourne Bridge in the early 1900s.
Ipswich, Taven Street
A good view of Taven Street and its tram lines from around 1915.
Ipswich Hippodrome
Ipswich Hippodrome.  
Ipswich, Mansion House
The Mansion House and Queen's Memorial.
Ipswich, Silent Street.
Silent Street.
Ipswich, Upper Brook Street
Upper Brook Street in the early 1920s.   
Ipswich, Town Hall and PO
Another postcard of the Town Hall and the Post Office.
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Stoke Bridge, Ipswich, Suffolk
Stoke Bridge.
Ipswich, Suffolk
Cornhill and Tavern Street.
Arboretum, Ipswich, Suffolk
Docks, Ipswich, Suffolk
The Arboretum Lake.
The Docks.
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A Guide to Historic Ipswich
Ipswich Town FC website
Ancient House.
Stoke Bridge.
Wolsey's Gate.
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