Calais, Steamer
Calais, Theatre
Calais, Boulevard Pasteur
The steamboat "Queen" leaving Calais, presumably for England - a
postcard from 1918.
A 1926 postcard of the Boulevard Pasteur.  
The Theatre and the Boulevard Gambetta.  
Calais, Hotel de Ville
Old Postcard, Calais, Beach and Casino
Calais is a port in northern France, overlooking the Straits of Dover. For several hundred years
it has been an important port because of its proximity to England, and is today heavily used by
both business and pleasure traffic.
This postcard was mailed in 1919.   
Calais, Casino et Plage
Another view of the Casino and Beach.   
The market in front of the Town Hall.   
Calais, Tram and Monument
A 1919 postcard of the Monument aux Enfants du Calaisis and the
Boulevard Jacquard.  
Calais, Marche
No date for this postcard of the Market in the Place d'Armes.
Calais, Place d'Armes
Another postcard showing the Place d'Armes.
Calais, Gare Maritime
The Gare Maritime.  
Calais, Avenue de la Mer
Avenue de la Mer.
Calais, Boulevards Pasteur et Jacquard
The Boulevards Pasteur and Jacquard.  
Calais, Casino and Beach
Calais, Plage et Casino
                               Two more views of the Casino and the Beach.                                   
Calais, Hotel de Ville
The Hotel de Ville, built about 1885 - but see the postcard above for
the "other" Town Hall.
Calais, Theatre
The Theatre and Jacquard's monument.  Calais owes much of its
world wide renown in the lace industry to Joseph
Jacquard(1752-1834), inventor of a mechanism consisting of a
programmed reproduction of a perforated card which could transfer
complicated designs to lace. A statue in memory of him, by the
sculptor Marius Roussel, was erected in 1910.
Calais, Lighthouse
Calais, Place d'Armes
Another excellent view of the Place d'Armes.   
Calais Beach
Another excellent view of the Casino and people on the beach.   
Another postcard of the "Queen".
Calais, Phare
Calais, Rue de la Citadelle
Calais, Quai de la Colonne
The Rue de la Citadelle and the Belfry.    
Le Quai de la Colonne.
Calais, Rue Royale
Calais, Plage
The beach in the early years of the 20th Century - look at the Bathing
Machines !
The Rue Royale - a great postcard which was mailed in 1915.  
Two old postcards of the Lighthouse.
A great 1907 postcard of the Boulevard International.   

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Calais - Pecheurs
Fishermen repairing their nets.
Calais, Early Channel Tunnel Works
An interesting postcard, although not a very good image. "Machinerie
installee sur les falaises du Blanc-Nez pour le percement du Tunnel
qui devait partir de cet endroit pour aboutir aux Cotes de Douvre
(Angleterre - 1909." Roughly translated this says "Machinery installed
on the cliffs of Blanc-Nez to dig a tunnel which should start from this
place and come up in Dover (England)."
Did You Know......that on 6 April 1580, an earthquake was felt in Calais ? The tremors lasted for about 15 minutes, and
damage was caused both by the quake and by a tidal wave which engulfed the town and surrounding countryside.
Several people and many cattle were drowned. Part of the town wall and several houses collapsed, killing and injuring
more people. It was reported that the watchtower split and fell, the keeper and his wife having to be rescued. The
earthquake also struck
Boulogne, and affected parts of England's south coast - another interesting link here.
Calais, Submarines
A couple of submarines in Calais harbour - no date for this one.   
Calais, New Bridge and Casino
The New Bridge and the Casino.
Calais Station
The South Side of the Station.
Postcards of the Past
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Old Postcard - Calais, Beach & Casino
Old Postcard - Calais, Beach & Casino
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Calais, Place d'Armes
Old Postcard - Calais, Place d'Armes
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Calais, Boulevard Pasteur
Old Postcard - Calais, Boulevard Pasteur
by Postcards of the Past