Belgrade, Serbia
Old Postcard, Belgrade from Kalimegdan
We have no date for this early 20th Century postcard showing
Belgrade's cathedral and landing stage, seen from Kalimegdan.
Belgrade University
Belgrade, Landing Stage and Cathedral
Another view of the landing stage and the cathedral.
Belgrade University.
Belgrade, Ministry of War
A postcard from the 1930s of the Ministry of War.  
Belgrade University
The Technical Faculty Building of Belgrade University in a 1934
Formerly the capital city of Yugoslavia, Belgrade is now the capital of Serbia. Many of the old
postcards on this page have been contributed by Dejan Tomic. Thanks, Dejan !
Belgrade, Hotel Moscow
The Hotel Moscow.  
King Alexander Bridge, Belgrade
King Alexander Bridge.   
Knez Milos Street, Belgrade, Old Postcard
Knez Milos Street in 1934.
Belgrade Station
Belgrade Station.
A postcard mailed in 1934.    
Terazije, Belgrade
Terazije in 1939.   
No date for this one.   
Belgrade, Republic Square
Republic Square.
Krala Milana Street
Krala Milana Street.    
King Alexander Bridge
A 1938 postcard of King Alexander Bridge.    
Belgrade, Chamber of Deputies
The Chamber of Deputies - a 1940 postcard.    
Terazije - a postcard mailed in 1925.
Palace Albania, Belgrade
Thanks to Dejan for dating this postcard to
1940 and identifying the building as Palace
Albania, the first high rise in Belgrade.
A statue of Prince Michael - another 1925 postcard.
Airforce Building, King Peter Street, Belgrade
A 1939 building of the Airforce Building on King Peter Street.
A statue of Prince Michael.
Belgrade View
Another postcard showing the view from Kalemegdan.   
Terazije - an early 20th Century postcard.    
Belgrade Military Academy
The Military Academy and the Ministry of War.
Geographic Institute, Kalimegdan
The Geographic Institute in Kalimegdan.

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Postcards of the Past
Belgrade - Credit Bank
The Credit Bank.
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Regi Konak - a 1915 postcard.
Belgrade Station
Belgrade Railway Station.
The station in a postcard mailed in 918.
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Belgrade, Hotel Moscow
Hotel Moscow.
Belgrade - Theatre
A Belgrade Theatre.
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Old Postcard, Belgrade, King Peter Street.
King Peter Street.   
Belgrade, Milosh the Great Street
Belgrade, Prince Michael Street
A 1928 postcard of Milosh the Great Street.  
Prince Michael Street - a 1920 postcard.
Belgrade, Republic Square
This postcard was emailed to us from someone in Belgrade without
any further details. However, Saša Bodiroža has told us that it is an
image of Republic Square. The building in the background is the
National Theatre, and the building on the left  the National Museum.
Thanks for the information Saša !  
Belgrade, Terazije
Terazije in 1934.  
Another - undated - view of Terazije.
Another postcard from 1934.
Belgrade University
A 1910 postcard of Belgrade University.
Furst Michaelstrasse.
Belgrade View
Belgrade from the Save - a 1907 postcard.
Belgrade, Save
The port on the Save.
Belgrade, New Royal Palace
The "New" Royal Palace.  
The "Riunione" Palace, the National Theatre and the monument to
Prince Michael.
Belgrade Bridge
King Alexander Bridge.   
Belgrade Aerial
An excellent aerial view of the city.   
Thanks to Milorad Jovanovic who identified this building as the
National Theatre.
Entrance to the Fortress.
Belgrade - Library
A Library in Belgrade.
Belgrade Station
Belgrade Station.
Prince Paul Museum, and the Cathedral.
A Belgrade Church.
Belgrade - Prince Michael Street
Prince Michael Street.
This postcard was mailed in 1919.
Another view of Prince Michael Street.
This card was mailed in 1920.  
Old Postcard, Belgrade in 1938
Old Postcard, Belgrade in 1938
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard, Belgrade
Old Postcard, Belgrade
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard, Belgrade, Terazije
Old Postcard, Belgrade, Terazije
by Postcards of the Past
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