Ypres, Belgium
Old Postcard, Ypres, Panorama
An undated panoramic view of Ypres.  
Ypres, Cloth Hall
The Cloth Hall before its WW1 destruction.
Ypres, Ruines
"Ruines d'Ypres - Les Remparts."
Another of those cities in Belgium and Northern France which were almost totally destroyed during the
First World War.  Ypres suffered more than most.  Many of the older postcards inevitably are concerned
with the damage caused.  We have recently obtained quite a few "before and after" postcards and we
hope to come across more not so intimately connected with the War !  
Ypres, Cloth Hall
Ypres Ruines
The Cloth Hall, the Cathedral and the Belfry...................before and after.  
St Martin's Church, Ypres
Ypres, St Martin's, Ruins
Two more "before and after" postcards of the Cloth Hall and St Martin's.
Ypres, Ruins
"Tourists who knew Ypres and its Rue de Lille in the days of peace
can best appreciate the awfulness of its fate in the War." This postcard
was mailed in 1916.
Ypres, Hospital
Ypres, Hospital, Ruins
Two postcards of the Hospital, before and after the bombardment.   
Ypres, Rue au Beurre
La Rue au Beurre - a postcard mailed in 1915.
Ypres, Fish Market
Ypres Fish Market.
Ypres, Ruins
A view of the ruins.
Ypres, Remparts
The Ramparts.

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Ypres - Ruines de la Gare
The ruins of Ypres Station in the First World War.
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Ypres, Porte de Lille
The Ruins of the Porte de Lille........
Ypres, Porte de Lille
....and before the bombardment.
Place Malou.
WW1 - Ypres, the Cloth Hall Post Card
WW1 - Ypres, the Cloth Hall Post Card by Postcards of the Past
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Belgium, Ypres - Old Postcard
Belgium, Ypres - Old Postcard by Postcards of the Past
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Ypres, Belgium
The ruins of l'Eglise St Martin.
Hospice Belle.
Porte de Lille, Ypres
Porte de Lille.
Eglise St Martin, Ypres
Eglise St-Martin.
Hotel de Gand, Ypres
The ruins of the Hotel de Gand.
Hotel de Gand, Ypres
Hospice Belle, Ypres
Place Malou, Ypres
Belgium, Ypres - WW1 Bombardment
Belgium, Ypres - WW1 Bombardment
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Montaigne de Bueren, Liege
Birthday Card - Montaigne de Bueren, Liege
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Liege, Gare des Guillemins
Birthday Card - Liege, Gare des Guillemins
by Postcards of the Past