Wildwood, New Jersey
Wildwood, Boardwalk
Old Postcard, Wildwood, NJ
A 1927 view of Wildwood.
A postcard mailed in 1940.  
Pennsylvania Hotel, Wildwood
Ottens Canal, North Wildwood
Wildwood, Boat Houses
Ottens Canal, North Wildwood.
The North Wildwood Arch and the Pennsylvania Hotel - an undated
Wildwood, New Jersey
Boat Houses and Rio Grande Bridge.
A 1960 postcard of the Boardwalk. A little mistake here - one of our
"viewers" has pointed out that the film of "Fiddler on the Roof"
opened in 1971 !
Central Avenue, Wildwood NJ
Central Avenue where we stayed in August 2006.   
Hotel Sheldon, Wildwood NJ
The Hotel Sheldon.
No date for this one.
Old Postcard, Wildwood NJ
A postcard which was mailed in 1907.
A postcard from 1959.
Boardwalk, Wildwood
This one was mailed in 1960.
Wildwood Boardwalk Train
This 1961 postcard shows the train turning.
Wildwood Boardwalk
The Boardwalk north of Cedar Avenue.
Wildwood Train
This postcard dates from 1963.
A 1964 view.
The Ottens, Wildwood
The Ottens.
Wildwood Beach
The six postcards below were kindly sent to us by Tom Vuoso whose father Frank was born and
raised in Wildwood at 139 W Hand Avenue - he went to St Anne's and Wildwood High. Thanks
Tom ! As you can see from the cards, they are all from 1906.
Ocean Pier, Wildwood
Hotel Seaside, Wildwood NJ
Did You Know......that the Caribbean Motel in Wildwood
Crest, built in 1956 and now restored, was the first motel to
"plant" full-size plastic palm trees in its grounds to give the
illusion of being in the tropics  ?
And Did You Know......that between 2003 and 2006
more than 50 motels in Wildwood were demolished and
replaced with condominiums ?

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Postcards of the Past
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Wildwood, NJ
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
Wildwood is a holiday resort on the New Jersey coast, almost due east of Philadelphia. There
used to be many motels in the town which were much frequented by visitors from Philadephia
and the area, but it seems that most of them have become apartments and the atmosphere of
the place has changed. Still fun, though, to have a bike ride along the boardwalk.
Postcards From the
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Old Postcard - Elephant Hotel, Atlantic City NJ
Old Postcard - Elephant Hotel, Atlantic City NJ
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Wildwood, New Jersey
Birthday Card - Wildwood, New Jersey
by Postcards of the Past
Souvenir Mug, Wildwood, New Jersey
Souvenir Mug, Wildwood, New Jersey
by Postcards of the Past
Wildwood Boardwalk and Beach
Wildwood Church
Another 1940s linen of the Beach and Boardwalk.   
The Episcopal Church of St Simeon's-by-the-Sea.
Wildwood Crest, NJ
Wildwood Crest.
A 1939 linen postcard.
Old Postcard, Wildwood, New Jersey, USA
Wildwood NJ, Ocean Pier
Ocean Pier by night.  
Another 1940s view of the Boardwalk.
Wildwood by Night
Another night view.
Central Avenue, Wildwood
Central Avenue.
Wildwood, NJ
A linen postcard from the 1940s.
Wildwood, NJ - Rosemont Hotel
The Rosemont Hotel.
Ottens Harbour by night.
Wildwood, NJ
A bird's-eye view of Wildwood.