Warwick - The Pageant - 1906
Old Postcard, Warwick Pageant - Henry VIII's Charter
The Pageant - a history of Warwick in twelve episodes - was performed in the
grounds of Warwick Castle during the week of 2 to 7 July 1906 and was a major
undertaking. The town authorities approached Louis N Parker and asked him to
"add another triumph" to that which he had achieved with the Sherborne
Pageant in Dorset. He happily agreed - no doubt for ample remuneration ! The
Pageant took 13 months' "thought and activity to bring it to splendid fruition." It
seems most of the town got involved as there was a cast of 2000, the costumes
alone involving 300 ladies happily sewing !! Forty amateur artists painted the
mediaeval banners, whilst "clerks in offices in the town spend their evenings
for weeks (past) in fashioning swords, spears, battleaxes and arquebuses." It
seems great care was taken to reproduce every item as authentically as
possible. We have to assume that the event was a great success !
Warwick Pageant - Great Fire of Warwick
Warwick Pageant
Warwick Pageant
"Guy of the Iron Hand".
"Britannia and Her Pages."
"Rohant (to Guy), 'She's thine, dear Hero' ".
"Dame Fisher (to Captain), 'Mercy ! Mercy !'".
Warwick Pageant
"Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Sussex".
Warwick Pageant
"King William III and Mother Finch".
"Arthur Sackville, a poor Scholar and a gentleman". So what's he
doing in the stocks ? (He probably wrote the script !!)
"Roger de Newburgh and Gundrada".
"The Early Britons in the Druid Scene".
This postcard was mailed in Leamington on 23 July 1906. Interestingly
the writer names 3 of her friends in the photo.
"The boy Shakespeare embraces Queen Elizabeth".
"Morvid and Arthal with Bear and Ragged Staff".
"Mother Finch".
"Master and Brethren of the Leycester Hospital".
Most of the information that we have about Warwick Pageant is taken from a
souvenir booklet, a copy of which was kindly provided by Sandra Richards of
Warwick Castle. All the postcards on this page were produced by the Water
Colour Post Card Co of Paternoster Row, EC. The colour cards were taken
from prints by J N Bolton, who was also in charge of the production of the
stage properties.
Postcards of the Past
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