Warwick - the Castle
The construction of Warwick Castle began about 914 AD when fortifications were constructed
in order to protect the small hilltop settlement. The building grew over the centuries and it is
now one of England's finest examples of a mediaeval castle.
The castle was bought by the Tussauds Group in 1978 - they carried out repairs and
restoration and opened the castle to the public so that it is now a huge tourist attraction with
hundreds of thousands of visitors every year - try parking there in the summer !!
Warwick Chamber of Trade has an excellent website with lots of information about the
town, whilst more information about the castle can be found at the Warwick Castle website:

Warwick Castle, Old Postcard
Warwick Castle Gardens
Warwick Castle - Vintage Postcard
Warwick Castle 1935
Warwick Castle Gardens - a postcard from 1907.
This old card was mailed in 1903.
A 1935 view of the Castle.
Courtyard Entrance, Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle 1911
This postcard was mailed in 1911.   
An unused and undated postcard of the Courtyard Entrance from the
early 1900s.
Warwick Castle from the Bridge
Warwick Castle from the Bridge - a postcard reproduced from an
original water colour by W W Quatremain.   
River Avon from Warwick Castle
The Courtyard, Warwick Castle
The Castle in an early 1900s postcard.
An undated view of the Avon from Warwick Castle.
An early 20th Century postcard.  
Warwick Castle, Caesar's Tower, Vintage Postcard
Two views of Caesar's Tower. The postcard on the left was mailed in 1904. Nice crop of
Brussels on the right !
Warwick Castle Moonlight
I love this one - great setting for "Hamlet".  
Moat Bridge, Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle 1908
Caesar's Tower
A great old postcard showing "Warwick Castle, Caesar's Tower",
produced from a water colour by W W Quatremain. The postcard is
unused so there is no date, but probably from around 1910.   
Clock Tower, Warwick Castle
The Clock Tower - a postcard mailed to the Isle of Wight in 1905.  
Ethelfleda's Mound
Warwick Castle Gateway
An early view of the Gateway and a very
smart looking gateman !
A view of the castle mailed in 1908.    
Another beautiful postcard by W W Quatremain, this one entitled "The
Moat Bridge, Warwick Castle". Quatremain produced most of his water
colours for postcards in the period around 1910, so this one will date
from then.   
A good view of the castle and River on a rather tatty old card !.
This lovely old Oilette postcard by Raphael Tuck was mailed in 1911.  
From the reverse - "Warwick Castle, standing on a mound above the
Avon, is the finest example of a fortified mansion in the country.
Ethelfleda, King Alfred's daughter, is believed to have founded it in
915. Guy's Tower and Caesar's Tower flank the gateway (all three
dating from the fourteenth century), and there are two unfinished
towers - the Bear and the Clarence."    

View Warwick Castle in a larger map
Ethelfleda's Mound.
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Warwick Castle, Guy's Tower
A Raphael Tuck "Oilette" postcard from 1912. "Guy's Tower and Entrance Gate. Guy's Tower, in the north-east corner of Warwick Castle, is
twelve-sided and rises to a height of 128 feet, surmounted by a machicolated parapet. The view from the top is both magnificent and
extensive. The gateway is approached by a stone bridge over the moat, and flanked on either side by octagonal turrets; in the archway the
portcullis is still in use, being raised and lowered every morning and night."    
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Warwick Castle, River Avon
Old Bridge, Warwick Castle
A postcard from 1904 - the handwritten message reads "Was delighted
to hear your voice through the telephone this morning" !
Ethelfleda's Mount
Another postcard produced from a water colour by W W Quatremain,
this one of Ethelfleda's Mount.   
Terrace Garden, Warwick Castle
The Terrace Garden.   
Warwick Castle Ramparts
"Part of the Ramparts."
Warwick Castle
The Drive.  
Warwick Castle, Aerial View
A good aerial view of the Castle - unused and thus undated.   
Warwick Castle Battlements
The Battlements.  
Conservatory Gardens
The Conservatory Gardens.
Warwick Castle Gatehouse and Portcullis
Warwick Vase
Warwick Castle Drawbridge
Three more cards by Quatremain from 1913. On the left is The Gate House and Portcullis;  in the centre, the Warwick Vase; and on the right,
the Drawbridge.   
Entrance Drive, Warwick Castle
The Entrance Drive.   
Terrace Walk, Warwick Castle
The Terrace Walk.   
Prisoners' Path, Warwick Castle
Caesar's Tower
Caesar's Tower.
Prisoners' Path.
Clock and Caesar's Tower, Warwick Castle
Clock and Caesar's Tower.   
Chapel Entrance, Warwick Castle
The Chapel Entrance.   
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T-Shirt, Shakespeare, As You Like It
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Women's T-Shirt, Shakespeare, "Coriolanus"
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T-Shirt, Shakespeare, As You Like It
T-Shirt, Shakespeare, As You Like It
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