Warwick - the Town
Warwick, the county town of Warwickshire, is situated on the banks of the
River Avon about 8 miles north of Stratford-upon-Avon. It was founded in
914 AD and was built on a small hill which was fortified and controlled the
river crossing. The town is of course dominated by
Warwick Castle which
is a huge tourist attraction and which receives thousands of visitors - try
parking there in the summer !! But the castle is not the only attraction for
Warwick has many beautiful and historic buildings.
Old Postcard, Warwick, View
For more information about Warwick and its
attractions, follow this link -
A lovely old view across the fields to Warwick, from the early 1900s.    
Warwick, Jury Street and Eastgate
Eastgate and Landor House, Warwick
Warwick, Mill Street, Old Postcard
Warwick East Gate, Old Postcard
Warwick, St Mary's Church
Mill Street in the 1920s.    
St Mary's Church - a 1920s postcard.   
A 1905 postcard of East Gate.   
Old Postcard, Piers Gaveston Monument
This is a monument to Piers Gaveston who, from the
inscription, was not the most popular Earl of
Cornwall - so why did they erect a monument ? Click
on the image to read the inscription in full.
Warwick, Castle Hill
Warwick, St Mary's Church
An early 20th Century postcard of Castle Hill.
Another, earlier view of St Mary's.
Warwick, St Nicholas Park
Warwick, Eastgate
Warwick, Mill Street
Old Postcard, Warwick, Mill Street
A postcard of Mill Street from 1956.    
Mill Street - a postcard from around 1910.
Warwick, West Gate
Warwick, Leycester Hospital
This postcard of West Gate was posted on New Year's Eve 1905. The pub sign for the "Bear and Baculus" is
just visible on the right.   
An early 20th Century postcard of the Leycester Hospital Quadrangle.   
Warwick West Gate
A postcard of West Gate and the Leycester Hospital in Raphael Tuck's "Oilette" series. From the back of the
card - "This hospital was originally the hall belonging to two united guilds established in Richard II's reign.
After the dissolution of the monasteries the building passed to the town authorities, and under Elizabeth it
was deeded by the Corporation to Robert, Earl of Leicester, who made it an asylum for twelve indigent
Warwick, Leycester Hospital
Leycester Hospital, Warwick, Old Postcard
This one was posted in 1904.   
A nice view of the Leycester Hospital - an unused card so we can't date it.
Warwick, Oken's Passage
Difficult to date this unused postcard of Oken's
Warwick, West Gate
A view up the hill to West Gate in a postcard which
was mailed in 1908.
Warwick, Leycester Hospital
Two more of the Leycester Hospital from around the same period as those immediately above.
                            Two views of Eastgate, from the NE and SW. These postcards are unused and appear to date from the early 1920s.
A nice old postcard - unused and undated.
The Castle from St Nicholas Park - an undated postcard.
Another in Raphael Tuck's Oilette series, showing "Shakespeare's Country - Hayfield, Warwick".  From the
reverse : "Warwick, the ancient seat of the Nevilles, is a charmingly situated town, the surrounding country
being typical of the rural and pastoral scenery for which the county is famous.  Among its most interesting
buildings are the old Norman Castle, Lord Leicester's Hospital and St Mary's Church." There is also a
quotation from
King Henry VI -
"The sun shines hot, and, if we use delay,
Cold biting winter mars out hoped for hay."
        Two excellent quality postcards of the Leycester Hospital, both unused but, from the fashions in the card on the left, about 1920
The Warwick Chamber of Trade has an
excellent website with lots of information about
the town.

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High Street, Warwick
Warwick High Street.
Postcards of the Past
Warwick - the Town
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