Warsaw is of course the capital city of Poland and is its largest city and the nation’s economic,
cultural and educational hub. Situated in  Mazowieckie province, in east-central Poland, the city
spans the Wisla (Vistula) River. By the end of World War II, roughly 85% of the city lay in ruins
and most of the population had been killed, deported or sent to concentration camps. More
than a third of Warsaw’s pre-war population was Jewish, although there are hardly any traces
of this heritage remaining, as the city’s prosperous Jewish community was decimated by the
end of the war. Much of Warsaw’s historic centre was painstakingly recreated in the years after
World War II, in a move by the communist authorities which surprised the citizens of the city as
it much as it did the West. The postcards on this website are historically important as they
show buildings which either no longer exist or which were recreated after the war.
Old Postcard, Warsaw, Faubourg de Cracow
The Faubourg de Cracow.
Warsaw, Copernicus Monument
Warsaw, King Sigismund Monument
The King Sigismund Monument.
The Copernicus Monument.
Warsaw, Old City Market
Warsaw, Grand Theatre
Part of the Old City.
The Grand Theatre.
Warsaw, Iron Bridge
Warsaw, Iron Bridge
Two postcards of the Iron Bridge.
Warsaw, Nowy Zjazd Street
Nowy Zjazd Street - what is happening here ? is this a street market ?
Krasinski Place
Warsaw, St Anna's Church
St Anna's Church.
Krasinski Place.
Warsaw, Vilanow Castle
Vilanow Castle.
Summer Theatre, Lazienkj Park
The Summer Theatre at Lazienkj Park.
Warsaw, Royal castle
The former Royal castle. This building was totally destroyed during
WW2 and has since been rebuilt.
Saxe Gardens
Warsaw Town Hall
Warsaw Town Hall.
The Saxe Gardens.
Warsaw, Vintage Postcard
Ul. Marszalkowska.
Hotel Bristol, Warsaw
An excellent postcard of the Hotel Bristol in Warsaw.
Royal Palace
The Royal Palace.   
Teatr Wielki
The Teatr Wielki.    
University Library
The University Library.  

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Warsaw 1915
A postcard showing the destruction of the  Poniatowski Bridge. David
Brown has told us that the bridge was destroyed in both World Wars,
and that this postcard shows the damage inflicted in 1915. Thanks
David !
Warsaw, Petersburski Station
Petersburski Station.
Warsaw, POland
Did You Know........that Marie Curie the
physicist and chemist who was awarded two
Nobel prizes, was born in Warsaw in 1867 ?
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Sigismund Monument, Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland
Another view of Marszalkowska Street.
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A view of Warsaw across the Vistula from Praga.
Warsaw, Poland
Krakowskie Przedmiescie.
Trade Fair Hall.
Warsaw, Poland
The Grand Theatre - a postcard from 1918...........
Warsaw, Poland
.........and another, this one from 1942.
Royal Castle, Warsaw
The Royal Castle.
Warsaw, Poland
Alexandra Platz - current name ??
Warsaw, Poland
Izba Sadowa.
Krakowskie Przedmiescie.
Plac Teatralny - this card was posted in 1917.
Plac Teatralny.
Teatr Wielki, Warsaw
Teatr Wielki.
Wiedenski Station, Warsaw
Wiedenski Station - now replaced by the Centrum Metro Station.
Warsaw, Poland
A postcard mailed in 1918.
Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw from Praga.
Krakowskie Przedmiescie.
Old Postcard - Warsaw, Poland
Old Postcard - Warsaw, Poland
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Warsaw
Old Postcard - Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Warsaw
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Warsaw, Poland
Old Postcard - Warsaw, Poland
by Postcards of the Past