Mount Vesuvius, Italy
An undated view of Vesuvius blowing off steam.
Vesuvius 1933
The eruption of Vesuvius in May 1933.
Vesuvius 1906
An impression of the 1906 eruption.
Vesuvius, Central Cone, Old Postcard
Vesuvius - the Central Cone. Unfortunately there is no date available
for this postcard.   
An undated eruption of Vesuvius.
The Vesuvius Funicular Railway - an undated postcard.
Behind you !!!!!
A postcard from 1904.

View Vesuvius in a larger map
Zoom in on this map for a great view of Vesuvius.
A great postcard, but no date.
Napoli, Torre del Greco
Vesuvius 1944
This one is dated 1944 and as it is of a similar production to that on the
left, they were probably taken at the same time.
This postcard dates from around 1910.
No date for this postcard.
Torre del Greco with Vesuvius erupting in
the background.
Vesuvius from the sea.
Vesuvius has been quiet since the eruption of
January/March 1944. When will the next eruption be ?
Mount Vesuvius lies on  the Bay of Naples, about six miles east of Naples and a short distance
from the shore. It is best known for the eruption of AD 79 that led to the destruction of the
Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the death of between 10,000 and 25,000 people.  
The Naples area is the most densely populated volcanic region in the world.
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Vesuvius - Eruption 1872
An artist's version of the eruption of 26 April 1872.
Vesuvius, Central Crater 1924
The lava flow from the central crater - 6 July 1924.
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Two postcards of the crater.
The explosion that preceded the April 1906
Vesuvius erupting 1924
Another postcard of the July 1924 eruption.
Vesuvius - Vintage Postcard
A small cone in the centre of the big crater.
Vesuvius Erupting
Vesuvius Funicular Railway
Another postcard of the Funicular Railway.
The Funicular - perhaps not a good time for a
ride up !
Vesuvius - Crater
Inside the crater.
Vesuvius Eruption April 1906
The Eruption of April 1906.
Follow this link for a
history of Vesuvius and a
list of its major eruptions.
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A long, or double width postcard, issued for the Eremo Hotel.
The "new" crater of 1913
The eruption of April 1906.
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