Sicily, Taormina, Etna
Mount Etna from Taormina.
Sicily, Foro Italico, Old Postcard
An early 20th Century view of the Foro Italico and Porta Felice at
Palermo, Donkey Cart
A postcard from 1913.
Stromboli is one of the outermost of the Aeolian Islands off the
north-east coast of Sicily. This is a fascinating area to visit - boat trips
are available from the ports along the north Sicilian coast, so go there
if you ever get the chance !!  
Catania, Sicily, Etna
Catania, Via Crociferi
A 1937 postcard of Etna seen from Catania.   
Catania - Via Crociferi.  
Messina Cathedral
Catania - Piazza del Martiri - and a train !
Messina - the Cathedral.  
Catania, Theatre
The Teatro Bellini in Catania.   
Sicily, Taormina 1933, Old Postcard
Taormina - a 1933 postcard.
Taormina, Sicily
A 1926 postcard of Taormina.
Catania, Theatre
An early 20th Century postcard of the Teatro Massimo Bellini in
Taormina, Teatro Antico
The Entrance to the Teatro Antico in Taormina.
Siracusa, Ruins
Siracusa - Antico Ginnasio e sepulcro di Timolconte.
Taormina, Teatro Greco
A poor quality postcard of the Teatro Antico.
Siracusa, Sicilia, Amphitheatre
The Amphitheatre at Siracusa.
Messina, Theatre
The Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in Messina.
Palermo, Via Roma, Old Postcard
Palermo - Via Roma.   
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Sicily, situated at the toe of Italy, is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is also an
autonomous region of Italy. The north east of the island is dominated by Mount Etna which,
although still very active, may be visited quite easily - take a trip from the visitor centre, very
exciting !
Old Postcard, Palermo
Palermo, Viale della Liberta.  
Palermo, Piazza S Domenico.
Catania, Via Garibaldi
Catania, Via Garibaldi.    
Did You Know...........that on 28 December 1908 a magnitude 7.5 earthquake
struck Messina ?  About 93% of the town was destroyed and some 70,000
residents killed by the 'quake and the tsunami which followed soon after. Follow
this link to read more.
Palermo, Monte Pellegrino
Palermo and Monte Pellegrino.   
Palermo, Cathedral
Palermo Cathedral.
Palermo Post Office
The "New" Post Office in Palermo.
Palermo, Via Borgo
Palermo, Via Borgo and Monte Pelegrino.
Palermo, Garibaldi Theatre
The Garibaldi Theatre or Politeama in Palermo.
Palermo in the late 1930s.
Messina, Banco di Sicilia
Messina, Banca di Sicilia.
Messina, Banca d'Italia
Messina, Banca d'Italia
Postcards of the Past

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Messina, Sicily
Messina, Via Garibaldi.
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Taormina, Sicily
Mount Etna, Sicily
Etna from Taormina.
Mount Etna, Sicily
Etna from Catania.
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A double-width postcard of Taormina and Etna.