Savannah, Georgia
Old Postcard, Savannah, Georgia, Bull Street
Savannah, Daffin Park
Post Office, Savannah, Georgia
Hotel Savannah
Savannah, Cathedral of St John the Baptist
Nathaniel Green Monument, Savannah, Georgia
The Cathedral of St John the Baptist.
Nathanael Green Monument and City Hall.
The Hotel Savannah.
De Soto Hotel, Savannah
Savannah View
The De Soto Hotel.
A Skyline view of the city.
Savannah City Hall
City Hall.
Forsyth Park, Savannah
A nice, clear postcard of Forsyth Park.
Savannah River
An undated view of the Savannah River.
Broughton Street, Savannah
Union Station, Savannah, Georgia, USA
This postcard of Union Station was mailed in 1912.
Broughton Street looking west from Bull Street - an unused and
undated postcard.
Savannah Market
Another undated postcard, this one of the City Market in Savannah.
Isle of Hope, Savannah
A 1907 postcard of the Isle of Hope.
Oglethorpe Avenue Barracks, Savannah
The Barracks and Oglethorpe Avenue - undated.
Broughton Street, Savannah
Looking West on Broughton Street.
East Bay Street, Savannah, Ga
East Bay Street - "Cotton Row" - in Savannah.
The Cotton Docks.
Broughton Street
Bull Street, Savannah, Old Postcard

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Savannah Cathedral
Two almost identical views of Broughton Street.
The Cathedral of St John.
Christ Church, Savannah
Christ Church.
Savannah Union Station.
Savannah is a city in the south-east of the state of Georgia in the USA. It is located on the
Savannah river and was the colonial capital of the state. The current (2008) population is about
Did You Know..........that in 1851 the city of Savannah had 24 squares ? Three
have since been demolished or developed, but one of these is being reclaimed.
The Hotel Savannah.
Savannah, Old Pink House
Loading Cotton, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Loading Cotton.
City Hall, Savannah, Georgia
No date for this postcard of the "New" City
Did You Know...........that Conrad Aiken, the American
poet and novelist, was born in Savannah in 1889 ?
Bull Street.
Savannah Post Office.
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Savannah, Georgia
Savannah Bank and Trust Co Building.
Cotton Wharves, Savannah
Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia
Broughton Street from Barnard Street.
Savannah, Georgia
Volunteer Guards Armoury.
Savannah, Georgia
General Sherman's Headquarters.
Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia
Looking south on Bull Street - a 1940s postcard.
Union Station, Savannah, Georgia
Another postcard of Union Station.
Low House, Savannah, Ga
The Low House.
Savannah, Georgia
A Bird's Eye View of Savannah.
The Lake in Daffin Park.
Savannah, Georgia
Old Slave Huts at the Hermitage.
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Old Postcard - Savannah, Georgia
Old Postcard - Savannah, Georgia
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Bull St, Savannah, Georgia
Old Postcard - Bull St, Savannah, Georgia
by Postcards of the Past
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