Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love", is the largest city in Pennsylvania, lying on the
Delaware about 100 miles south of New York. The city centre has many historical connections,
whilst the museum area and  University City are well worth a visit, as is the Italian Market in
South Philly.  
Old Postcard, Philadelphia, Aerial View
Philadelphia, Reading Terminal
Penn Station, Philadelphia
"Reading Terminal.
One of Philadelphia's most familiar landmarks. Reading Terminal is located in the heart of the downtown
area, at 12th and Market Sts. Although completed in 1893, it has been modernized for passenger comfort and
convenience. Here an average of 50,000 passengers a day board and leave trains of the Reading RR which
has executive offices above the station concourse."
"Congress Hall.
Congress Hall was the seat of the Congress of the United States between 1790 and 1800, when Philadelphia
was the Nation's Capital. Here Washington took the oath of office for his second term as President, and
Adams later assumed the Presidency. "
Philadelphia, Carpenter's Hall
Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin Bridge
Philadelphia, Independence Hall
"Built during the years of 1732 to 1747, Independence Hall is the most
hallowed of American Shrines. It was here on July 4, 1776 that the
Declaration of Independence was adopted; and here that the convention
which framed the Constitution of the United States met and completed
its work on September 17, 1787. The Articles of Confederation also were
signed in the Hall, which houses the
Liberty Bell (no longer !!!) - symbol of
American Liberty.
"Built originally as a home for the Carpenter's (sic) Company of the City and County of Philadelphia.
Carpenter's Hall is famed as the meeting place of the First Continental Congress, which began in 1774,
shortly before arrival of word of the cannonading of
Boston by the British. It was used as a storehouse during
the British occupation of Philadelphia. The First and Second Banks of the United States later did business
within its walls."
"Delaware River Bridge, Philadelphia". I'm trying to work out whether this is the Benjamin Franklin or the Walt
Whitman Bridge - they are both of very similar construction. However, Anthony from Philly is pretty certain
this is the Benjamin Franklin. Click on the two links which both connect to excellent websites about the
Philadelphia, Bellevue Stratford
The Bellevue Stratford Hotel, at Broad and Walnut - you can get a great
meat-ball sandwich in the basement food court ! This postcard was
mailed in 1946.   
Philadelphia, Walton Hotel
The Walton Hotel which I believe was at Broad and Locust - this
postcard dates from 1911.
From the reverse of this postcard:- "Air View showing the Benjamin Franklin Parkway leading straight from
the center of the city toward the Art Museum and Fairmount Park." The card is unused so I can't date it.    
"Pennsylvania Suburban Station.
A 20 story Office Building facing Penn Centre Development where 6 lines of the PRR converge. The first floor
and sub-floors of this building are used by the PRR as their Suburban Station."  
Philadelphia, Chestnut Street
John Wanamaker, Philadelphia
The John Wanamaker Building at 13th and Market Street. The store was
taken over by Lord and Taylor and then, in August 2006, by Macy's.
Chestnut Street "from an airship" - which must have been flying dangerously low !
Philadelphia, Girard College
Hotel Adelphia, Philadelphia
This building was designed and built by famed Philadelphia architect
Horace Trumbauer in 1914.  It has 20+ floors (Basement, Ground, Lobby,
Mezzanine, Ballroom, 1-18, and RG (top floor, assuming this stands for
Rooftop Garden, is now apartments) and rises 250 ft above the street.  It
is currently owned by the Philadelphia Management Company under the
name Adelphia House, and operates as a high rise apartment building.
This info from Dan (on 15) - thanks !
Broad Street Station, Philadelphia
An early postcard of Broad Street Station.
Gimbels, Philadelphia
An early postcard of Gimbels.
Philadelphia City Hall
Penn Fruit Co, Philadelphia
"At the intersection of 19th and Market Streets in downtown Philadelphia, stands the world's largest food
store. Operated by Penn Fruit Company, this magnificent "Super" occupies two floors. The total store area is
well over an acre and nearly 50,000 customers a week pass through its doors."
Fairmount Park, PRR Bridge
No date for this view of Fairmount Park, Girard Avenue and the Penn RR Bridges.
Philadelphia Opera House
Philly Opera House and North Broad Street.
Old Postcard, Philadelphia, Chestnut Street
Independence Square
"Signs of Spring" in Independence Square - a postcard from 1906.
Ritz Carlton, Philadelphia
The Ritz-Carlton at Broad and Walnut.   
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia
Two excellent views of Chestnut Street, both undated.
Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia
A 1911 postcard of the Academy of Fine Arts.    
City Hall, Philadelphia.
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Market Street, Philadelphia
A 1909 postcard of Market Street.    
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Did You Know......that the film actress Janet Gaynor was born
in Philadelphia in 1906 ?
Did You Know......that the comedian and actor Bill Cosby was
born in Philadelphia in 1937 ?
Did You Know......that the actor Lionel Barrymore was born in
Philadelphia in 1878 ? He was the brother of
John (born 1882)
Ethel (born 1879), and the great-uncle of Drew Barrymore.
Did You Know.... that the film actor and tenor
Mario Lanza was born in Philadelphia ?  The Mario
Lanza Museum is located at 712 Montrose Street in
the city. We visited it a few years ago and found it
fascinating. The staff are particularly helpful and have
a great knowledge of the singer.
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And listen to a great new album from a native of
South Philly - on the right !
Philadelphia, Point Breeze - Vintage Postcard
Oil Works at Point Breeze - a 1912 postcard.  
Philadelphia PA
Broad Street looking north from Master Street in 1917.  
"The Delaware River Bridge, the largest Suspension Bridge under construction in the world, connecting
Philadelphia Pa and Camden NJ with a single span 1750 ft long, center to center of Main Piers, with a
clearance above High Water of 135 ft. over a width of 800 ft in center of span. The Main Structure is to be of a
2 cable suspension type, carrying a roadway for 6 lines of vehicles, 2 lines of surface cars, 2 lines for rapid
transit and 2 ten foot sidewalks above the roadway. The estimated cost to be about $29,000,000 and to be
completed in 1926 in time for the Sesqui-Centennial to be held in Philadelphia during that year."
Philadelphia - Independence Hall
Independence Hall and the Commodore Barry Monument.
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Chestnut Street.    
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Philadelphia - Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Philadelphia - Broad St Station
Broad Street Station, formerly at Broad and Market - a postcard mailed in 1910.
Philadelphia, Broad Street.
Broad Street.
Philadelphia, Walnut Street
Walnut Street by night.
Philadelphia Opera House
Philadelphia Opera House at Broad and Spruce - no longer an Opera House I believe.
Philadelphia, Academy of Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts on N Broad Street.
Philadelphia, Chestnut Street
Chestnut Street.
Philadelphia - Elevated Railroad
The Elevated Railroad at 66th Street Station.
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