Radcliffe Camera
Oxford, Randolph and Martyrs Memorial
Oxford, Isis, Barges
This lovely old postcard  (by A R Quinton)  of College Barges at Folly Bridge was posted in 1920.
Oxford May Races
A postcard of the May Races, mailed in 1912.
Old Postcard, Oxford, High Street
This postcard of the High was mailed in 1910.
Oxford View
A 1909 postcard.
Oxford St Giles Fair
Oxford, the Broad
The Broad.
Oxford, The High
Another old postcard of the High.
Oxford, the High
A 1905 postcard of the High.
Oxford, Carfax
Carfax in the 1920s.   
Oxford, Mitre
The Mitre - a postcard from the early 1900s.
Oxford, Bullingdon Road
Bullingdon Road, Oxford, in 1905.
Randolph Hotel, Oxford
An undated postcard of the Randolph.
An excellent view of Carfax.
Oxford, Radcliffe Infirmary
The Radcliffe Infirmary which closed in 2007.
Oxford, Municipal Building
The Municipal Buildings - presumably the Town Hall.
An early 20th Century postcard of Cowley.
Oxford, Cornmarket, Old Postcard
Cornmarket with Tom Tower in the background.
Oxford Cornmarket
The Cornmarket.    
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Oxford, Banbury Road
Banbury Road.
Oxford, Christ Church Tower
Oxford, Queen Street
Queen Street.  
Oxford, Sheldonian
The Sheldonian.

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Oxford, Clarendon
The Clarendon.
Did You Know.... that Hugh Laurie, the
television actor ("Fry and Laurie",
"House") was born in Oxford in 1959 ?
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Oxford - Carfax
A great view of Carfax.
Oxford - High
The High before the onslaught of the motor car.
Oxford, St Giles
St Giles about 1920.   (Z)
Oxford, Cornmarket
The Oldest House in Oxford
"The Oldest House in Oxford " - or is it ? Follow this
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Oxford is located about 55 miles north-west of London. The city centre is dominated by the major
colleges of the University, but there is an excellent shopping centre with plenty of restaurants and some
famous old pubs and a covered market. As with Cambridge, there are throngs of tourists who, with the
student population, make the city a bustling, lively place.
A 1952 multiview of Oxford provided by Al from New Zealand.
Oxford, Cornmarket
Another view of Cornmarket.
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Christmas Card, Oxford
Christmas Card, Oxford by gregoryolney2
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