New York City (2)
NYC Chrysler
NYC Empire State
NYC, Rockefeller Center
Old Postcard, New York City, East River Bridge
An unused and undated postcard of the East River (Williamsburg) Bridge.    
City College of New York
NYC, Wall Street
The City College of New York at 138th and Convent
- a 1910 postcard.
An early view of Wall Street.    
Three "real photo" postcards showing the RCA Building at the Rockefeller Centre (853 feet high), an aerial view of the Chrysler Building, and
the Empire State Building.
NYC Skyline
The New York Skyline from Jersey.
NYPD Headquarters, 1911.
New York Public Library
RCA Building, NYC
NYC Public Library about 1940.    
"The 70 story high RCA Building seen from the south."  
George Washington Bridge
An excellent real photo postcard of the George Washington Bridge in
the 1940s.   
NYC, Times Square
Old Postcard, Manhattan
Times Square at night.
Midtown Manhattan at night.
Manhattan Aerial View
Aerial view of Lower Manhattan.  
A postcard from the 1940s or 50s.   
A super real photo postcard from the 1950s.  
Home Life Building, NYC
NYC Flat Iron
NYC, Hotel Hargrave
A 1910 postcard of the Flat Iron Building.
NYC, Hendrik Hudson Apartments
A rather tatty postcard of the Cafe des
Ambassadeurs at 108 West 30th.
NYC, Park Row Building
The Hotel Hargrave in 1911 -  not a very good
quality image - sorry.
No date for this postcard of the Home Life
A postcard, mailed in 1910,  of the Hendrik
Hudson Apartments on Riverside Drive.
The Park Row Building - a 1923 postcard.  
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A second page of old postcards of this extraordinary city.
Did You Know.......that the film actress Jane Fonda
was born in New York City in 1937 ?
And Did You Know.......that the actress Lauren
Bacall was also born in NYC, in 1924 ?
And Did You Also Know.......that Humphrey Bogart,
the film actor who married Lauren Bacall in 1945, was
born in NYC in 1899 ?
Did You Know.......that Eamon de Valera, the
founder of
Fianna Fail and President of the Irish
Republic, was born in New York City in 1882 ?
And Did You Know.......that the opera singer
Maria Callas was born in Manhattan in 1923 ?
She had an affair with
Aristotle Onassis, who
subsequently left her for
Jackie Kennedy.
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Hotel Robert Fulton, 71st Street West.
The view to the north from the Empire State Building.
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Birthday Card - Statue of Liberty, NYC
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