Northampton is a large market town on the River Nene about 65 miles north of London. It was
formerly the centre of the boot and shoe making industry (hence
Northampton Town FC's
Nickname "The Cobblers"), but now very few firms survive.
Northampton, The Drapery
Northampton, South Bridge
Northampton, Cromwell House
Abington Park, Northampton
Old Postcard, Northampton, The Drapery
An unused postcard of the Drapery from the early 20th Century.   
The Drapery around 1910. (This image was emailed to us from Australia and is not as
clear as we would like - sorry !)
Northampton All Saints
Queen Eleanor Cross, Northampton
Cromwell House.
No date for this old postcard of South Bridge and boats on the Nene.  
Abington Park - an Edwardian Postcard.  
Northampton Town Hall
A postcard of the Town Hall, mailed in 1908.   
Boots, Gold Street, Northampton
A 1930s postcard of the old Boots Shop on the Corner of Gold Street and the
Hardingstone Church
No date for this postcard of Hardingstone Church.   
The Drapery, Northampton
A 1930s postcard of the Drapery.     
The Cock, Kingsthorpe
An undated postcard of the Cock at Kingsthorpe.    
St Peters, Weston Favell
St Peter's Church, Weston Favell.    
Northampton, St Giles
An excellent view of St Giles in the 1950s.   
Old Postcard, Dallington
No date for this postcard of Dallington.   
No date for this view of All Saints.
The Queen Eleanor Cross - see our postcards of
Charing Cross in London.
The Pavilion, Northampton Racecourse
The Pavilion at the Racecourse.   
Old Postcard, St John's Hospital, Weston Favell
St John's Hospital, Weston Favell.
Northampton Town Hall 1908, Vintage Postcard
An excellent old postcard of the Town Hall.    
Vintage Postcard, The Drapery, Northampton, Christmas 1908
A 1908 Christmas Greeting postcard of the Drapery.
Abington Park, Northampton
Abington Park.
Nunn Mills, Northampton 1905
Nunn Mills in 1905.
Northampton, Abington Abbey
Abington Abbey and Church.
Did You Know........that the composer William
Alwyn was born in Northampton in 1905 ?
And Did You Know........that another famous
Malcolm Arnold, was also born in
Northampton, in 1921 ?
Custom Wrapped Canvas
Did You Know........that the actress Judy Carne (Rowan and
Martin's Laugh-In) was born in Northampton, in 1939 ? (Read
about her, she's had a fascinating life !)
And Did You Know........that the comedian Alan Carr grew up in
Northampton ? He was born in
Weymouth in 1976. His father is
Graham Carr, former Northampton Town FC manager.
Northampton, The Drapery
The Drapery.
Gold Street, Northampton
Gold Street.
St Giles Church.

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Mercers Row, Northampton
Mercers Row.
A 1912 postcard of Bridge Street.
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Northampton Market
A 1904 postcard of Northampton Market.
Abington, Northampton
Old cottages in Abington.
Harleston Firs, Northampton
The entrance to Harleston Firs.
Northampton General Hospital
Northampton General Hospital.