The Quai du Midi, now the Quai des Etats Unis.
The Jetee Promenade in a 1903 postcard.   
Three views of the Jetee Promenade in Nice which was dismantled by the Germans during WW2  for scrap iron and because it blocked free
fire from German gun-batteries on the Promenade des Anglais, when they were beginning to fear an invasion on the Riviera beaches.  This
building was situated opposite the Casino Ruhl. (Thanks to Howard Shakespeare for this information)             
Nice, Hotel Lepante
Nice, Alpes Maritimes
A modern reproduction of an old advertising poster for the Hotel
Negresco, outside which  Isadora Duncan met her tragic end.
The Hotel Lepante, Rue Lepante.
This postcard was mailed in 1903, and shows the "New" gardens with
palm trees and a gentleman who bears a remarkable resemblance to
King George V.
Nice, France
Nice, Quai des Etats Unis
France, Nice, Les Jardins

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A view of Nice from the Pont Saint-Philippe.
Nice, Avenue de la Gare
Nice, Hotel Negresco
Nice, Hotel Suisse
An unused and undated postcard of the Quai des Etats Unis.
A postcard from 1910, again of indifferent quality, but it does show the
Cours Saleya in the foreground.
The Hotel Suisse and its staircase.
Another unused postcard, this one of the Avenue de la Gare.
This 1908 postcard shows the washer women on the Paillon.
Nice, Casino Ruhl
Postcards of the Past
Nice, Jetee Promenade
Two postcards of the Promenade des Anglais, that on the left showing the Casino Ruhl, opposite which used to be the Palais de la Jetee, on
the right.   
Nice, Jetee Promenade
Nice, Promenade des Anglais
A postcard of indifferent quality, posted in 1937.
Two postcards from the early 1920s, both of which show the Palais de la Jetee and the Jardins Albert 1er.
Les jardins Albert 1.  
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Nice, Flower Market
Nice, Quai du Midi
There are 3 more pages of old postcards of Nice - follow the links just below !
The Flower Market near the Cours Saleya - an Edwardian postcard.
Vieille Carte Postale, France, Nice, Jardins
Nice, la Cascade du Chateau
Nice, Vieille Carte Postale, Vue Generale
Nice, le Port et Mont Boron
The Waterfall in front of the Chateau, the former being illuminated at
The entrance to the port, with Mont Boron in the background.  
Nice, le Couvent de Cimiez
Nice, la Cathedrale Russe
A super postcard of the Promenade des Anglais and the Negresco in
the 1920s or 30s.   
The Russian Cathedral - we walked to see this one very hot day a few
years ago. It's a beautiful building, but surprisingly small inside !   
Old Postcard, France, Nice, Promenade des Anglais
Cimiez - the Monastery.
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Nice, l'Eglise Notre-Dame
L'Eglise Notre-Dame.
Did You Know.... that Giuseppe Garibaldi, the
Italian Revolutionary, was born in Nice in 1807 ?
Nice is a city on the Mediterranean coast of France which has become our favourite holiday
resort over the years. It has everything you need for a great holiday - superb hotels, hundreds
of cafes and restaurants, good shopping and a beautiful promenade. The only negative is the
pebbly beach, but the warm Mediterranean waters are so tempting that you soon overcome
this minor discomfort. Very lively at night too. At our last visit - May 2007 - a new tramway
system was being constructed, and this subsequently opened in October 2007.
Nice, France
La Jetee Promenade.
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Rue Providence, Place Sainte-Claire.
Vichy Hotel, Rue Lamartine - no doubt
changed its name if it's still there !
Nice, France
Allee de Cameros - Square Gambetta.
Nice, France
Grand Hotel du Parc Imperial.
Nice - Palais de la Jetee
Another old postcard of the Palais de la Jetee.
Nice, Place de la Prefecture
The Market in the Place de la Prefecture.
Nice, Bataille de Confettis
Bataille de Confettis at the Carnaval.
Nice - Jardin Public
Jardin Public.
Nice - Gare PLM
Gare PLM.  - a 1929 postcard.
Nice - Jetee Promenade
The entrance to the Jetee Promenade.
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