Montreal, Canada
Montreal, in the forest, Mont-Royal
Montreal Harbour
Montreal Wharf
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Montreal
A 1913 postcard of the Canadian Bank of
A postcard mailed in 1912.
This view of Montreal harbour was mailed in the 1930s but I suspect it
was photographed earlier, probably in the 1920s. Note the similarities
with the much ealier card on the right.
Montreal, View
Bell Telephone Building, Montreal
Montreal, Place Viger and Station
The City from Mont Royal - I was up here one extremely cold day
about 1990.
No date for this postcard of Place Viger, the CPR Hotel and the Station.
The Bell Telephone building, constructed in
Dominion Park, Water Chutes
An undated view of the Water Chutes in Dominion Park.
Old Postcard, Montreal, Dominion Square
"Dominion Square is the finest of the many squares in Montreal. Two
Russian guns, captured at Sebastopol, are to be seen here. At one
corner is located  the palace of the Archbishop, and adjoining is the
Cathedral of St James. On the west side is situated the Windsor Hotel."
This is an undated "Oilette" by Raphael Tuck.    
"Montreal is the chief port of entry of the Dominion of Canada, and lies
at the head of Ocean Navigation on the River St Lawrence. Its Harbour
is splendidly situated, and accommodates the largest sea-going
Old Postcard, Montreal, Canada
Hotel Dieu from the Incline Railway - a postcard written in August
Montreal, St Sulpice Seminary
St Sulpice Seminary, which was founded about 1657.
A 1920s postcard of St Catherine Street.   
Montreal, Hotel Windsor
Dominion Square
Dominion Square with Windsor Station.   
Montreal, Court House
The Court House.    
Montreal, Place d'Armes
The Place d'Armes.
Montreal, Elevators in the Port
Montreal, Palais de Justice
Another postcard of the Palais de Justice, dating from 1921.
Coal Elevators in the Port.
Montreal, Parc Lafontaine
A 1915 postcard of Parc Lafontaine.
Montreal, Western Park
An unused and undated postcard of Western Park.
Chateau de Ramesay, Montreal
The Chateau de Ramesay.
Mount Royal Hotel, Montreal
The Mount Royal Hotel.    
Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second-largest city in
Canada. It is also the second largest French-speaking city in the world. Montreal is a lively city
with a large underground shopping area - which is just as well as it is very cold there in winter !
Montreal, Fletchers Field
A military review on Fletcher's Field, Montreal - a 1912 postcard.
Montreal, St Catherines Street West
St Catherine Street West - no date for this
Did You Know.......that the jazz pianist
and composer
Oscar Peterson was born
Little Burgundy in Montreal in 1925 ?
And Did You Know.......that Celine
Dion, the singer, was born in
Charlemagne in 1968 ?
Montreal, Grain Elevators
Grain Elevators.
Bonaventure Station, Montreal
Bonaventure Station.

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The entrance to the Johnstown Flood, Dominion Park.
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