The Williamson Building at Manchester University - a 1962 postcard
sent to Yugoslavia.
An undated postcard of Oldham Street.
Manchester University
Deansgate, Manchester
The New Royal Infirmary - a postcard mailed in 1911.
A 1907 postcard of Deansgate.   
Manchester Royal Infirmary
A 1903 postcard of the Technical College in Peel Park.
This postcard was mailed in 1927.
Manchester Technical College
An undated postcard of the Cathedral.
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A rather tatty postcard of Piccadilly from around 1910.
A poor quality image of the Town Hall.
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Victoria Station in the early 1900s.
Victoria Station, Manchester
An undated view of King Street.
Manchester, King Street
This postcard of Market Street was posted in 1932.
No date for this postcard of Market Street.   
Manchester, Market Street
A 1937 postcard of Oldham Street.   
Manchester, Oldham Street
The Poets Corner, Long Millgate, Manchester - a 1906 postcard.
Manchester, Poets Corner
A night view of Market Street, mailed in 1909.
Manchester, Market Street
An undated view of the Cathedral.
The Ryland's Library - a postcard mailed in 1907.
Rylands Library, Manchester
This postcard of Manchester Assize Courts was mailed in 1905.
Manchester Assize Courts
Oxford Street with Joe Lyon's Teashop just showing on the right.
Oxford Street, Manchester
Did You Know.....that the author
Anthony Burgess ("A Clockwork Orange")
was born in
Harpurhey in 1917 ?
St Ann's Square.  
And Did You Know.....that the
stand-up comedian
Bernard Manning
was born in
Ancoats in 1930 ?
St  Annes Square, Manchester
Did You Know.....that the suffragette
Pankhurst was born in Manchester
in 1880 ?
A postcard mailed in 1937 which shows Oxford Street and the
Paramount Cinema.   
And Did You Know.....that David Lloyd George,
British Prime Minister from 1916 to 1922, was born
Chorlton-on-Medlock in 1863 ?
Oxford Street, Manchester
The Town Hall in the early 20th Century.
Manchester Town Hall
A 1911 postcard of Manchester Cathedral.

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This postcard of the Exchange was mailed in 1913.
Manchester Cathedral
Manchester, the Exchange
An unused postcard of Piccadilly, probably dating from about 1910.   
Old Postcard, Manchester, Piccadilly
Manchester Piccadilly
Manchester is the largest city in the north of England and is today a centre of the arts, the
media, higher education and commerce. It was the world's first industrialized city and became
the centre of cotton spinning and textile manufacture. It is home to two
Premier League
Football Teams,
Manchester City and Manchester United, and has a Test Match Cricket Ground
Old Trafford, home to Lancashire CCC.
An undated view of Piccadilly.
Manchester Art Gallery
The Art Gallery on Mosley Street.
manchester, St Mary's Hospital
St Mary's Hospital and the new Royal Infirmary.
Manchester, St Peter's Square
St Peter's Square.
Postcards of the Past
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Midland Hotel, Manchester
Market Place, Manchester
Market Place.
The Midland Hotel.
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Manchester, Victoria Station
Platform 12, Victoria Station.
Manchester Piccadilly
A 1905 postcard of a bustling Piccadilly.
Leigh, Wigan, Manchester
St Helens Road, Leigh.
Manchester, Piccadilly
The Bus Station and Piccadilly Gardens.
Old Postcard, Manchester, St Mary's gate
No date for this postcard of St Mary's Gate.
Did You Know................that Jack MacBryan, who was picked to play cricket for England against South Africa in the fourth test
match in July 1924 at Old Trafford, is the only person to play for England who neither batted, bowled nor took a catch ?  After only
2 hours 45 minutes play on 26 July, the entire match was washed out by rain and he was never again chosen to play for England.
And Did You Know................that the actor
Albert Finney was born in Pendleton in 1936 ?
Manchester Hippodrome
Two almost identical postcards of the Hippodrome - the card on the right was mailed in 1915.
Ardwick Empire, Manchester
An early 20th Century postcard of the Ardwick Empire.
Old Postcard, Manchester Central Station
Central Station, Manchester.   
Manchester, Market Place
Market Place in what appears to be the 1920s.  
Manchester, St Anne's Square
St Ann's Square.
Manchester, Water Street Railway Bridge
An LNWR postcard of Water Street Railway Bridge, built 1829.
Manchester Ship Canal
Manchester Ship Canal at Old Trafford.
Manchester Ship Canal
Manchester Ship Canal
The Ship Canal at Salford.
Number 8 Dock.
Manchester, Fire Station
The New Fire Station.
Whitworth Park, Manchester
Whitworth Park.
Manchester, Oxford Road and Palace Theatre
Oxford Road and the Palace Theatre - posted in 1903.
A 1924 postcard of St Anne's Square. This card and that on the left
were sent to us by Al from New Zealand.
Manchester, London Road Station
London Road Station.
Seymour Grove, Manchester
Seymour Grove.
Upper Chorlton Road, Manchester
Upper Chorlton Road.
The Shambles, Manchester
An excellent postcard of the Shambles.
Manchester Cathedral
Another view of the Cathedral from 1906.
Manchester, Poets Corner
Poets' Corner again.
St Peter's Square, Manchester, 1938
St Peter's Square, posted in 1939.
Manchester, Aerial View
An undated aerial view of indifferent quality.
Manchester, Deansgate 1931
A 1931 postcard of Deansgate.
Albert Square, Manchester, Vintage Postcard
Albert Square.
"The Royal Besses o' th' Barn Ban. The finest in the world". This
image was sent to us by Al Maddocks of Wanganui, NZ, who was born
in Manchester. The postcard was mailed from Christchurch NZ to
Masterton NZ in January 1907.
This band was formed in 1818 and still exists today - follow
this link to
visit their website. Besses o' th' Barn is an area of Whitefield within
the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, in Greater Manchester. It lies
between Radcliffe and Prestwich - see our map on
Manchester (1).
Deansgate - a postcard mailed in 1908.
The British Westinghouse Electric and
Manufacturing Co Ltd.
This postcard, mailed from Manchester to
Birmingham in July 1905, was also sent to us
by Al Maddocks in NZ.
Manchester Piccadilly
Piccadilly Gardens.
Oldham Street, Manchester, 1937
Oldham Street, Manchester, 1937
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Manchester
Old Postcard - Manchester
by Postcards of the Past
Manchester Souvenir Mug
Manchester Souvenir Mug
by Postcards of the Past