Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein
Lubeck, on the Trave River, is the second largest city in Schleswig-Holstein, in northern
Germany. The old part of the town is an island enclosed by the Trave river. The Elbe-Lübeck
Canal connects the Trave with the Elbe river. When I was stationed at
Kiel in 1957, my friend
Alan Smith from Sunderland and I hitch-hiked there and spent a day looking round what is a
beautiful city. We treated ourselves to a nice meal and then found we didn't have enough money
for the train-fare back to
Kiel, so we tried to hitch a ride - unsuccessfully. We walked for many
miles in the middle of the night and eventually found a kind cafe proprietor in Eutin who let us
sit in his cafe until about 4am, after which we slept on the railway station and then caught the
train to
Kiel from there - we just got back in time to avoid being put on a charge !
Old Postcard, Germany, Lubeck
A view of part of the old town.
Lubeck, Germany, River Trave
Lubeck and the Trave.
Lubeck, Holsten Gate
Lubeck, Marienkirche
Lubeck, Harbour
A super postcard of Lubeck Harbour.
Old Postcard, Lubeck Station
No date for this old postcard of Lubeck Station.
Lubeck, Burgtor
The Burgtor.
A 1908 postcard of the Stadttheater.
Lubeck, Stadttheater
Another view of the Stadttheater in Lubeck.
Did You Know..........that the brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann
were born in Lubeck, Heinrich in 1871 and Thomas in 1875 ? Heinrich
was a novelist who had to leave Germany in the 1930s because of his
literary attacks on the Nazi Party. Thomas, also a novelist, was a
Nobel Prize winner. He too fled Germany in the 30s.
Did You Know..........that Willy Brandt, Mayor of Berlin (1957 - 1966) and Chancellor of the Federal
Republic of Germany (1969 - 1974), was born in Lubeck in 1913. He won the Noble Peace Prize in 1971.

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Lubeck - Stadttheater
The Stadttheater.
Postcards of the Past
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Lubeck Harbour
Part of Lubeck Harbour.
This postcard was mailed in 1918.
Lubeck, Adolf Hitler Platz
Adolf Hitler Platz - now I think Holstentor Platz.
Houses on the Trave.
By the Holstentor.
Lubeck, Germany
Lubeck Station, Germany
Lubeck Railway Station.
The Trave.
The facade of an old building.
Statue of Mercury.
Lubeck Station, Germany
Two more old postcards of the Railway Station.
The Holstenbrucke.
Lubeck, Germany
Bismarck Memorial.
Lubeck Station
Yet another view of the station.
Lubeck, Salzspeicher
Lubeck - Stadttheater
Beckergrube and the Stadttheater.
Burgtor, Lubeck
The Burgtor.
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