The Franco-British Exhibition 1908
The Franco-British Exhibition of 1908 was held to celebrate the "entente cordiale" which had been
signed by Britain and France in 1904.  The exhibition was housed in an area west of London now called
White City.  Nearby, the
White City Stadium was constructed for the Olympic Games held in the same
year. Originally scheduled for Rome, the venue had to be changed to London because of the
devastation of
Naples by an eruption of Vesuvius - the funds for the Olympics were instead used to
rebuild Naples. (The  White City stadium was later used for athletics and greyhound racing, and was
demolished in 1985).  A new tube station was built at
Wood Lane - this opened to coincide with the
opening of the Exhibition on May 14 1908. The opening ceremony was performed by the Prince of Wales
- later King George V - in pouring rain.The exhibition attracted 8 million visitors and was the largest
exhibition of its kind in Britain. It was the first international exhibition co-organised and sponsored by
two countries. It covered an area of some 140 acres, including an artificial lake, surrounded by an
immense network of white buildings in elaborate (often Oriental) styles.
Old Postcard, Franco-British Exhibition 1908, Court of Honour
We will not have to try  to date the postcards on this page - all will of course have
been produced in 1908.
Franco-British Exhibition, Machinery Hall
Court of Honour by night
Franco-British Exhibition, Lagoon
British Textile Pavilion
Indian Palace, Franco-British Exhibition, Old Postcard
French Applied Arts Palace
Machinery Halls, Franco-British Exhibition 1908
Palace of Women's Work
Court of Honour
Garden Club and Royal Pavilion, Franco-British Exhibition 1908
Court of Arts
The Scenic Railway, Franco-British Exhibition
Scenic Railway
The writer of this postcard describes the ride - "I went on the spiral
railway, it is a
terrible thing ! and is supposed to be very dangerous. I
sat in front with the driver and he asked me if I would like to go fast, I
said "Yes", and we did !!"
Elite Gardens
The Flip Flap, Franco-British Exhibition 1908, Old Postcard
Tower of French Applied Arts, Franco-British Exhibition, Old Postcard
French Applied Arts Palace
Irish Village Colleens, Ballymaclinton
The main entrance to Ballymaclinton.
Palace of Music, Flower Show
A flower show in the Palace of Music.
Algerian Pavilion, Franco-British Exhibition 1908
Franco-British Exhibition, Lagoon, Old Postcard
Colonnade, Palace of Music
Thanks to the anonymous person who
emailed us this image !
There are more old postcards of the
exhibition - see the link below.
A visitor to this website has told us that she lived
in White City for a few years after World War II
and remembers the ruins of the Exhibition Site,
which they called the "Chinese Jungle". Follow
this link for a history of the White City.
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London, White City Stadium
White City Stadium - we used to go greyhound racing here in the late
1950s !
Wood Lane Entrance, Franco-British Exhibition
This is not a postcard but the front cover of
some sheet music composed for the
Exhibition. The composer's grandson, Peter
Gillies, kindly emailed us this image.
This postcard of the Irish Village was sent to us by a gentleman from
Wirksworth in Derbyshire. He has an interesting website about the
town and in particular a page about the exhibition and this postcard.
this link to see it
Did You Know.......that a hydro-electric generating set built for the exhibition was later sold to the Borough Council of
Akaroa which lies on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. The plant has been preserved - follow
this link to read all
about it.
Franco-British Exhibition, Australian Pavilion
Canadian Pavilion
Mountain Railway, White City
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Old Postcard - Franco-British Exhibition 1908
Old Postcard - Franco-British Exhibition 1908 by Postcards of the Past
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