London, Events
Old Postcard, London, Opening of Parliament
The State Opening of Parliament, probably in the 1930s.
Cenotaph, Two Minutes Silence
Guards' band, Old Postcard
The Guards' Band
Beefeaters in Full Dress.
The Two MInutes Silence at the Cenotaph in
Whitehall, difficult to date but 1920s at a guess.
London, Trooping the Colour
Trooping the Colour on Horse Guard's - an undated
Edward VII Coronation
Edward VII Coronation
Two postcards of the Coronation of Edward VII, which took place on August 9th, 1902. On the left -
"Their Majesties in the Coronation Coach passing through Whitehall on their way to Westminster
Abbey." - and on the right - "The King and Queen arriving at the Abbey".
Both these postcards were mailed on 19th September, 1902, both to the same person, a Special Agent
of Police in the 5th Division in Brussels.
Parades, processions, coronations, funerals, exhibitions (including the 1951 Festival of Britain),
fairs - all on this page !
George VI Coronation
The Archbishop of Canterbury crowning King George VI in
Westminster Abbey - May 12th 1937.
London, Changing the Guard
Horse Guard's Parade - Changing the Guard.
George V Coronation
The Coronation Procession of King George V at Hyde Park - 22 June
George V Coronation
Another postcard of George V's Coronation Procession.
Old Postcard, London, George V Coronation
Another of the 1911 Coronation - not a very
good quality image I'm afraid.
King George V Silver Jubilee
A quarter of a century later, the King and Queen celebrated their
Silver Jubilee.
Edward VII Lying in State
Edward VII lying in state in Westminster Hall, May 1910.
George V Coronation
Coronation, Ludgate Hill
The Coronation Procession on Ludgate Hill.
King Edward VII Funeral, Old Postcard
Troops en route to the funeral of Edward VII in May 1910. Rachel
Kingdon of Exmoor, Somerset, has identified the location of this
postcard as being St Dunstan's, Canterbury, looking towards the
Westgate Towers.
George V's Coronation Coach leaving the Palace.
George V Lying in State
King George V lying in state in Westminster hall in January 1936.
Coronation 1911 - Admiralty Arch
George V's Coronation Procession passing through Admiralty Arch.
Postcards of the Past
Westminster Hall, Lying-in-State of George V, January 1936.
Coronation 1911
George V's Coronation Procession, 22 June
Coronation 1937
Coronation of George VI, 12 May 1937.
Coronation of Elizabeth II, 2 June 1953.
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London, Festival of Britain
An aerial view of the 1951 Festival of Britain site on the South Bank.
Festival of Britain
The Boating Pool on the South Bank.
Festival of Britain
Another view of Battersea Pleasure Gardens.
Festival of Britain
The "Shell ByPlane X-100", by Rowland Emett.
Festival of Britain
Festival of Britain
Festival of Britain
The Boating Lake, Battersea Gardens.
Skylon, Festival of Britain
The Skylon on the South Bank.
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