London's Railway Stations
Liverpool Street
Old Postcard, Liverpool Street Station, London
A postcard of Liverpool Street mailed in 1904.
Liverpool Street Station was built, on the site of the old Bethlem Royal Hospital, for the Great
Eastern Railway. The station opened in February 1874 and was fully operational towards the
end of the following year with 9 platforms in use. It was built so that the company could have a
terminal closer to the city than that of their predecessor, Eastern Counties Railway, which was
at Shoreditch. Many people were forced from houses which had to be demolished for the
construction of the station. The Chairman of the Great Eastern in 1870, Lord Salisbury, said
that Liverpool Street was "one of the greatest mistakes ever committed in connection with a
railway."  Given the present passenger numbers, not many would agree with him today !
Liverpool Street Hotel
As with all the major London termini, a hotel was a necessity, and the Great Eastern
Hotel, designed by Charles Barry and his son Charles Edward Barry, opened in 1884. It
was extended in 1901.
Liverpool Street
Station is one of the
four London railway
stations on the
English Monopoly
In 1917, during World War 1, the station was the first place in London to be hit
by German bombs. In May 1917 it took a direct hit which killed 162 people.
During World War II a bomb in Bishopsgate completely destroyed the glass
Liverpool Street Station
Many Jewish refugee children arrived at Liverpool Street
in the late 1930s. In September 2006 a bronze sculpture,
designed by Israeli artist and former refugee Frank
Meisler, was unveiled at the station.
The Murder of Sir Henry Wilson.
Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson was CIGS at the end of WW1
and later a Conservative MP. He was an eloquent supporter of
Anglo-Irish Unionism. On 22 June 1922, he was at Liverpool
Street Station to unveil the memorial to Great Eastern
employees who lost their lives in the war. He took a taxi home
to Easton Place and as he was about to enter his house he was
shot dead by two IRA gunmen - they were later captured about
half a mile away and subsequently hanged.
A plaque was later added to the memorial to commemorate Sir
this link for more about the murder.
The station features in the film "Mission Impossible". A
CIA "Safe House" (fictional of course !) is situated above
the Old Broad Street entrance to the station, and the
film's main character (played by Tom Cruise) goes down
to the main concourse to use a payphone under the old
double staircase.
Liverpool Street Station
Liverpool Street Station
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Liverpool Street Station, London
Liverpool Street Station, London
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