Old Postcards, Liverpool, Royal Liver Building
An excellent postcard of the Royal Liver Building - no date for this
Waterloo, Crosby Road
Crosby Road, Waterloo.     
Liverpool, William Brown Street
An undated postcard of William Brown Street.   
Mersey Tunnel Entrance
The Entrance to the Mersey Tunnel - opened in 1933 - a postcard from
the 1930s.
Mersey Tunnel
Liverpool, Mersey Tunnel
Two views inside the tunnel.
Canning Dock, Liverpool
Midland Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
No date for this postcard of the Midland Adelphi Hotel.     
Langton Dock, Liverpool
Langton Dock.    
Liverpool, Landing Stage, Old Postcard
Merton Road, Bootle
Merton Road, Bootle.
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
Liverpool Landing Stage
A liner at the Landing Stage - not a very good image, sorry !
New Midland Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
The New Midland Adelphi Hotel.
St Goerge's Hall, Liverpool
St George's Hall.   
Liverpool, St John's Gardens
St John's Gardens - a 1915 postcard.   
Castle Street, Liverpool
Castle Street in the early 20th Century.

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Overhead Electric Railway, Liverpool
The Overhead Electric Railway and St Nicholas Church.
Dale Street, Liverpool
Dale Street.
Did You Know.... that Arthur Askey, the comedian, was born at
29 Moses Street in LIverpool, in 1900 ?

Did You Also Know.... that Tommy Handley, comedian, best
known for ITMA, was born at Toxteth Park in Liverpool in 1892 ?

And Did You Know.... that Leonard Rossiter, actor, (Rigsby,
Reginald Perrin) was born in this city in 1926 ?
Liverpool lies on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary in north-west England. It is a major
port - indeed in the 19th Century, forty percent of the world's trade passed through
Liverpool Docks - and it was also a major embarkation point for immigrants to North
America. Today, tourism plays a large role in the city's economy, boosted by the popularity
of the Beatles and other groups.
Liverpool Landing Stage
A great view of the Landing Stage from 1912.   
Liverpool Dock Offices, Old Postcard
The Landing Stage and Dock Offices.     
Liverpool, William Brown Street
St John's Gardens and William Brown Street.    
Liverpool, North Western Hotel
The North-Western Hotel.  
Church Street, Liverpool
Church Street.     
Liverpool, Lime Street
Lime Street in the late 1920s.
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Keychain - Liverpool
Keychain - Liverpool by Postcards of the Past
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Old Postcard - Church Street, Liverpool
Old Postcard - Church Street, Liverpool by Postcards of the Past
Liverpool, Post Office
The Post Office.
Liverpool, Lord Street
Lord Street, Liverpool
Two early 20th Century views of Lord Street.
Liverpool, Landing Stage
A liner leaving the Landing Stage - this is how the USA and Canada
were populated !
Liverpool, Victoria Memorial
The Queen Victoria Memorial.     
Liverpool Overhead Railway
The Overhead Railway.
Liverpool, Pier Head
A postcard from the 1920s.
Overhead Railway, Liverpool
Another view of the Overhead Railway and St Nicholas's Church.
Vintage Postcard, Liver Pier Head
A view of the Pier Head taken from exactly the same spot as that
above, but a few years later.   
Liverpool, Smithdown Road
Smithdown Road, Liverpool.
St George's Hall, Liverpool
St George's Hall.
Liverpool from the Mersey.  
Prescot Rd, Old Swan, Liverpool
Prescot Road, Old Swan.
Did You Know.........that all four of the Beatles were born in Liverpool ? George Harrison was born in 1943 and
lived at 12 Arnold Grove :
John Lennon was born in the Liverpool Maternity Hospital in 1940 : Paul McCartney
was born in Walton Hospital in 1942 : and
Ringo Starr was born at 9 Madryn Street, Dingle in 1940.
The "fifth Beatle",
Pete Best, was born in Madras in India.
Ranelagh Street, Liverpool
A postcard of Ranelagh Street mailed in 1917.    
Liverpool, Empire Theatre
The Empire Theatre.
Liverpool, Olympia Theatre
The Olympia Theatre.    
Liverpool, Lime Street
Lime Street and the Empire Theatre.
Riverside Station, Liverpool
Riverside Station.    
Liverpool Landing Stage
Another postcard of the Landing Stage.
Liverpool, Church Street.
Church Street.
Liverpool, Church Street
Garston New Dock, Liverpool
Garston New Dock.
Buildings on the Pier Head.
Lime Street, Liverpool
Gladstone's Birthplace, Liverpool
Gladstone's Birthplace, 62 Rodney Street.
Lime Street.
Liverpool, Lime Street Station and Hotel
Lime Street Station and Hotel, Liverpool.
Liverpool Souvenir Mug
Liverpool Souvenir Mug by Postcards of the Past
Liverpool Souvenir Mug
Liverpool Souvenir Mug by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Lord Street, Liverpool
Old Postcard - Lord Street, Liverpool by Postcards of the Past