Krakow, Poland
Kraków is one of the oldest and largest cities of Poland, being situated on the Vistula at the foot
of Wawel Hill in the Lesser Poland region. The city largely escaped destruction during the WW2
German occupation and many of its historic buildings were saved.
Old Postcard, Krakow, Poland, View
The view across the city.    
Krakow, St Marie's Church and Cloth Hall
Krakow, View
Another view of the city.    
St Marie's Church and the Cloth Hall.     
Krakow, Cloth Hall
The Cloth Hall.     
Krakow, Hauptring
The Hauptring.    
Krakow, Dominican Square
Dominican Square.    
Krakow, Cloth Hall
Another view of the Cloth Hall.   
Krakow, Market
I think this is a market (rynek) in Krakow.

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Vintage Postcard, Krakow, Wawel
Wawel (kurza stopa).
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Krakow, Poland
The Post Office.
Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland
St Mary's Basilica.
An heraldic gate.
Kosciuszko Mound, Krakow
Krakow, Barbican
A 1943 postcard of the Barbican, produced during the German
occupation in WW2.
Wawel, Krakow
The Castle at Wawel.
Barbakan, Krakow, Poland
Another old postcard of the Barbakan.
Theatre, Krakow, Poland
The Town Theatre.
Krakow Railway Station.
St Marie's Church.
Basztowa Ul Krakow
Basztowa Street.
Lubicz Street - a 1913 postcard.
The Vistula.
Slawkowska Street.
Krakow - Florian gate
Burg Huehnherfuss.
St Mary's Church.
Brama Floryanska.
Gtowny Market and St Mary's Church.
Another view of the Market and the Cloth Hall.
The city from the Vistula.
The town theatre.
Yet another view of St Mary's.
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Old Postcard - Krakow, Poland
Old Postcard - Krakow, Poland by gregoryolney2
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