Kolobrzeg, Poland
The thousand year old city and port of Kolobrzeg is situated at the mouth of the river Parseta
which flows into the Baltic. The city's former German name is Colberg.
Old Postcard, Kolobrzeg, Harbour
Kolobrzeg, Beach
The Harbour and Pilot Station.
A postcard of the beach.
Colberg, Strandschloss
The "Beach Castle" (strandschloss) and Rose Garden.
Kolobrzeg, Beach
The Beach, the Strandschloss and the pier.
Kolobrzeg, View
A view across the city.
Kolobrzeg, Harbour
The Harbour, Hotel and Pilot Station.
Colberg, Beach
Kolobrzeg, Pilot Office and Mole
The Beach at Kolobrzeg.
The Pilot Office and Mole.
Colberg, Harbour
A steamer entering Kolobrzeg Harbour.
Colberg, Maikuhle
The Maikuhle.
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Colberg, Stadttheater
A 1916 postcard of the Stadttheater.
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Kolobrzeg, Beach, Vintage Postcard
The Beach.

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Two very similar views of the beach from the pier.
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