Koblenz (Coblenz in English, Coblence in French) is situated at the confluence of the Rhine and the
Mosel. There is a spectacular view of the city from Ehrenbreitsten Castle, well worth a visit, as is the
city itself - good shopping and plenty of places to eat.
Koblenz, Ehrenbreitstein
Old Postcard, Koblenz, Germany
This huge monument to Kaiser Wilhelm 1 was erected in 1897 at the place known as the Deutsche Eck
(literally "German Corner") where the Rhine and the Moselle meet. ("Coblenz" derives from "confluence").
The statue was destroyed by US artillery fire in WW2. For many years thereafter a German flag was flown on
the site, and in 1993 a local couple donated a copy of the monument, which stands there today.
This unused postcard shows Ehrenbreitstein Castle - not a good image I'm afraid.
Koblenz, Castorkirche
"The Church of St Castor, founded in 836, is a Romanesque building with four square towers, which stands in
a prominent position opposite the quay at the junction of the Rhine and Moselle. The church in its present
form was erected during the 12th century, consecrated in 1208 and has recently been carefully restored, It
possesses a fine Gothic groined roof. "  
Koblenz, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial
Another postcard of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial..................
................and another postcard of Ehrenbreitstein, also unused.
Koblenz, Ehrenbreitstein
Ehrenbreitstein yet again !
Germany, Koblenz, View
No date for this great view of the confluence of the Mosel and the Rhine.
Another two views of the Deutches Eck and Ehrenbreitstein.
Coblenz, Herz Jesu Kirche
A postcard which commemorates the visit of the Kaiser to Koblenz on 10 and 11 September 1905.
Koblenz, Lohrstrasse
A view of the city.
Koblenz, Mosel Bridge
The Bridge across the Mosel.
Koblenz - aerial view.
A nice aerial view showing the Deutches Eck and the bridges across the Mosel.
Another good aerial view.

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Postcards of the Past
The Artillery Memorial on Kaiser Wilhelm Ring.
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Coblenz Station
A couple of old postcards of the Railway Station.
Coblenz Railway Station
Coblenz, Herz Jesu Kirche
Coblenz, Schiffbrucke
Coblenz, Castorkircke
Another old view of Castorkirche.
Hotel zum wilden Schwein.
Two postcards showing the Herz Jesu Church.
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Birthday Card - Koblenz
Birthday Card - Koblenz by gregoryolney2
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Coblenz Railway Station
Another old postcard of the railway station.
Koblenz Lutzel
Koblenz - Goebenplatz
Prinze (?) Louisen Weg.
Have fun translating this little rhyme about a weinstube in Koblenz.
Two French language postcards of the station.
Koblenz Station
Hotel Coblenzer Hof.
The Prefecture.
Koblenz - Adolf Hitler Bridge
Adolf Hitler Bridge - now Europa Bridge.
Kaiser Wilhelm Ring.
Koblenz - Festhalle
Koblenz and the Railway Bridge.
Koblenz - Goebenplatz
Some old buildings in Koblenz.
Koblenz - Goebenplatz
A third view of Goebenplatz.
Another view of the old Kaufhaus.
Obere Lohrstrasse.
Koblenz - Deutche Eck
Another old postcard of the Deutche Eck.
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