Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, and also has the second largest European
Port. The city lies at the junction of the rivers Elbe, Alster and Bille, roughly mid-way between
the North Sea and the Baltic. Its population in 2007 was about 1.8 million. Hamburg was heavily
bombed during World War 2 with many civilian casualties.
Old Postcard, Hamburg, Eilbeck, Blumenau
This postcard of a residential street in Eilbeck was posted in 1916.    
Hamburg, Aussen-Alster See
Hamburg, Uhlenhorster Fahrhaus
A postcard from the 1920s or 30s showing the Aussen-Alster See in
Hamburg-St Pauli, Spielbudenplatz
No date for this lovely old postcard of Spielbudenplatz in St Pauli.  
Hamburg, Old Postcard
Hamburg, St Pauli
A lovely old postcard showing the corner of  Annen and
Wilhelminenstrasse in the St Pauli district of Hamburg.
The Eppendorferbaum in the Eppendorf distict.
Hamburg, Ships
An interesting old view of ships in the harbour.
Hamburg, Ballindamm
Hamburg Harbour
A great old postcard from 1907 of shipping in Hamburg Harbour.
Hamburg, Alster-Pavillon
An undated view of the Alster-Pavillon and the Hamburger Hof.
Hamburg, Elbe Bridge
A poor quality image of the "new" bridge over the Elbe.
Hamburg, Elbe, Shipping
A great postcard of shipping on the Elbe.
Hamburg, Helgolander
The Heloglander Bridge.
Hamburg, Arcades
The Arcades and the Hotel St Petersburg.
Hamburg, Dammthorstrasse
Hamburg, Jungfernstieg
The Jungfernstieg at 10am.
Hamburg, Alster Arcades
Another view of the Alster Arcades.
Hotel Hamburgerhof
Pavilion and Hotel Hamburgerhof.
Hamburg, St Pauli, Landungsbrucke
A postcard from 1905.
Aussen-Alster mit Alsterlust,
Hamburg, Deutsches Schauspielhaus
A 1901 postcard of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus.    
Hamburg, Reeperbahn
Hamburg, Jungfernstieg
The Jungfernstieg.
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Hamburg Harbour
Ships in Hamburg Harbour.
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Birthday Card - Hamburg
Birthday Card - Hamburg by Postcards of the Past
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Birthday Card - Hamburg
Birthday Card - Hamburg by Postcards of the Past
Hamburg, Altona
Kaiserplatz in Altona.
Altona Station.
Hamburg, Altona
The old Town Hall and Konigstrasse in Altona.
Hamburg Rathaus
Hamburg Town Hall.
Old Postcard, Hamburg, Jungfernstieg
Hamburg - comic
Hamburg am Pferdemarkt
Hof Springeltwiete.
Ernst-Merck Strasse.
Hamburg - Hafen
A view of the Harbour.
Hamburg Station
Hamburg's Main Railway Station.  
Hamburg, Lagerhauser
Hamburg Station.
Hamburg Station in the 1930s - note the Nazi swastika on the station
Hamburg Station
The station interior.
Hamburg, Blankenese
Blankenese mit Sullberg.
Hamburg Lombardsbrucke
A view of Lombards Bridge and the city.
Hamburg Town Hall
The Town Hall.
Hamburg, Shipping
A 1933 postcard of Hamburg shipping.
Hamburg, Vintage Postcard
The Uhlenhorster Fahrhaus.
Hamburg - Alsterdamm
Hamburg Harbour
An excellent view of the harbour.
Hamburg Harbour - Ice
Ice in the harbour.
Birthday Card - Hamburg
Birthday Card - Hamburg by Postcards of the Past
Souvenir Mug - Hamburg
Souvenir Mug - Hamburg by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Hamburg
Birthday Card - Hamburg by Postcards of the Past