Great Western Railway (GWR)
The Great Western Railway came into being in 1833 and was originally intended to link London
Paddington) and Bristol. Follow this link for a history of the company.
Old Postcard, GWR 4107, Cineraria
GWR "Flower" Class engine no 4107 "Cineraria".   
GWR 4079 Pendennis Castle
The "Castle" Class engine 4079 "Pendennis Castle".
Cornish Riviera Express, hauled by King William IV 6002
The Cornish Riviera Express, hauled by GWR King Class Engine,
"King William IV" 6002.   
GWR Cornish Riviera Express
The Cornish Riviera Express, introduced in 1904 and still running
today from Paddington to Penzance.
GWR Fishguard Boat Express
The Fishguard Boat Express, which ran from Paddington to
GWR City of Bath - Flying Dutchman
Engine number 3433 "City of Bath" (renumbered 3710) pulling the
Flying Dutchman, which ran from Paddington to Exeter, and later to
GWR Cornish Riviera Express, Saint Class
Another postcard of the Cornish Riviera Express, this time hauled by a
"Saint" Class engine number 2916 (I think !).  
Cornish Riviera Express
A third postcard of the Cornish Riviera Express.
GWR Experimental Diesel Railcar
A GWR "Railcar", introduced in the 1930s. A couple of these, numbers
26 and 29, used to run between
Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington
in the 1950s.
GWR Viscount Portal No 7000
"Viscount Portal", No 7000. My friend's dad was signalman at
Wilmcote. One day in the early 1950s he got a phone call from the
signalman at
Stratford to say Viscount Portal was on the way up - he
yelled out to us kids and we saw this engine as she thundered
through the station on her  way to
GWR Plymouth Express
The Plymouth Express.
GWR Birmingham to London Express, Engine No 2907, Lady Disdain
The "Birmingham to London 2 hours Express - new route". The
engine, No 2907, is a Saint Class, "
Lady Disdain".
GWR County of Hereford 1019
Engine No 1019, "County of Hereford", leaving Paddington for
Liverpool. There is an error on this card as the number shown is 1019
and should be 1017 ! 1019 was "County of Merioneth".
GWR Goods Engine
This GWR goods engine has been identified by Stephen Axtell as
engine number 2601. It was introduced in 1899 and withdrawn in
December 1904 and was nick named Kruger. Thanks Stephen !
GWR Box Tunnel
A GWR train emerging from Box Tunnel.
Torbay Express - GWR
The Torbay Express.
GWR Viscount Churchill
"Viscount Churchill", formerly No 111 "Great Bear", and rebuilt in 1924
as a Castle class engine, retaining its original number.
I have three memories of the diesel railcar service from Stratford-upon-Avon. The first is the smell of the diesel, the second is the
fact that they seemed to have to keep the engine running, even when the car was waiting in the station for some time, with fumes
everywhere, and the third concerns
Gilbert Harding. As schoolkids we used to travel from Stratford to Wilmcote on the 3.38pm, and
there were quite a few of us, from a couple of schools in Stratford, going to stations further up the line. One afternoon Gilbert and
his entourage got on the train and were immediately surrounded by a host of children all trying to get his autograph, poor man ! He
soon got off the train and left the station to get a taxi to Leamington and presumably caught the London train there. Were you one
of those children ?
Tell us if you were !
GWR Cornish Riviera
The Cornish Riviera Express.
GWR Plymouth Express
The Plymouth Express.
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Western Region - Merchant Venturer
The British Railways Western Region "Merchant Venturer" which ran
between Paddington, Bristol and Weston-super-Mare.
GWR Engine 3473 County of Middlesex
Engine No 3473 "County of Middlesex". (3800 Class)
Carswood Tunnel
GWR Cornishman
The entrance to the Carswood Tunnel,
Twerton, near Bath.
The "Cornishman".
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GWR Locomotive
A GWR heavy goods engine. I think it may be a 2600 class, but if you
can correct me, please do -
email me !
GWR Engine 3478 County of Devon
Engine No 3478 "County of Devon" (later renumbered 3835).
Engine No 4079 "Pendennis Castle".
GWR Royal Train
The Great Western Royal Train.
GWR - Bristolian
The "Bristolian".
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Old Railway Postcard - GWR Engine City of Bath
Old Railway Postcard - GWR Engine City of Bath
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - GWR Cornish Riviera Express
Old Postcard - GWR Cornish Riviera Express
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - GWR The Bristolian
Old Postcard - GWR The Bristolian
by Postcards of the Past
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