Felixstowe, Suffolk
Felixstowe is a port and seaside resort on the North Sea coast of Suffolk. In the 1970s my
mother and father used to live on Kemball Street in Ipswich, and we would often take the train
from Derby Road Station to Felixstowe for some fresh air and fish and chips. Since then I've
been a fairly regular visitor - the town has a quaint, almost old-fashioned atmosphere and does
not seem to have deteriorated as much as some English seaside resorts - and there's always
Peter's Ice-cream !
Old Postcard, Felixstowe, Spa Gardens
The Spa Gardens. Sorry this one is a bit scruffy but I think it's a great
image - probably dates from around WW1 or just after.   
Felixstowe, Cliff Gardens
An unused and undated view of the Cliff Gardens.    
A card posted in 1954.   
Felixstowe, Boating Lake
Felixstowe from the Pier
The View to the East from the Pier.
Grand Hotel, Felixstowe
The Grand Hotel in 1907.   
Old Postcard, Felixstowe Pier
A nice old Edwardian view of the pier written by someone staying at
the Clarendon - no date though.   
Felixstowe, Shelter Gardens
Hamilton Cliff, Felixstowe
A 1930s postcard of Hamilton Cliff and Gardens.
A postcard of the Shelter Gardens, mailed in 1950 but probably
produced in the 1930s.
Felixstowe Cliffs
An undated view of the Felix Hotel and the Cliffs.    
No date for this one either - probably Edwardian.
South Cliff Shelter
A view from the South Cliff Shelter.    
Felixstowe from the East Cliff.   
Promenade and Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe
From the fashions this postcard seems to date from the late 1920s or
early 30s.     
Felixstowe Beach
No date for this view of the beach on a busy day.    
The Shelter
A 1905 postcard of the Shelter and Gardens.     
A postcard from 1957.     
No date for this rather uninspiring view !
Felixstowe, Bent Hill
An Edwardian Postcard of Bent Hill.     
Cliff Gardens, Felixstowe
Did You Know.... that Sir
John Mills, the film actor, was
born in Felixstowe in 1908 ?
Spa Pavilion
This postcard of the Spa Pavilion was posted in 1910.    

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Felixstowe, Dripping Well
The Dripping Well in the Spa Gardens.
Serpentine Steps, Felixstowe
The Serpentine Steps.
Felixstowe, Bandstand
The Bandstand.
Pier Gardens
The Pier Gardens in a postcard from 1910.
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Lighthouse, Felixstowe, Suffolk
The Landguard Lighthouse.
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Old Postcard - Bent Hill, Felixstowe, Suffolk
Old Postcard - Bent Hill, Felixstowe, Suffolk
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Felixstowe, Suffolk
Birthday Card - Felixstowe, Suffolk
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Felixstowe, Suffolk
Birthday Card - Felixstowe, Suffolk
by Postcards of the Past
Felixstowe Dock
Felixstowe Dock.
Parade, Felixstowe
The Parade.
Old Postcard, Felixstowe, Felix Hotel
The Felix Hotel in the early years of the Twentieth Century.
Felixstowe Ferry - a great early 20th century multiview postcard.
Felixstowe Beach
Bathing Machines, Felixstowe
A deserted beach.
Bathing Machines on Felixstowe Beach - so early 20th Century.
Brook Lane, Felixstowe
Brook Lane.
Hamilton Cliffs
Hamilton Cliffs.
Felixstowe, Gardens and Promenade
A 1930s postcard.
Grand Hotel, Felixstowe
The Grand Hotel.
Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk
Ranelagh Road.
Pier Pavilion, Felixstowe
The Pier Pavilion.
A busy east Beach.
Felixstowe, Herman de Stern Convalescent Home
The Herman de Stern Convalescent Home, which was destroyed by
fire on 25 September 2005, and which was subsequently demolished.
War Memorial, Felixstowe
The War Memorial.
West Beach, Felixstowe
West Beach.
Felixstowe, Cliff Hotel
The Cliff Hotel.
Felixstowe Beach
The Beach - probably pre-WW1.
Felixstowe Beach
The Beach, looking north.
The Cliff Gardens.
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