When I was a boy just after the war (WW2 that is !), reading the dirty postcards with
their none too subtle double-entendres was part of a day out at the seaside. There
don't seem to be so many of them about now, perhaps because attitudes have
changed and sex is no longer a taboo subject. There are many thousands of comic
cards from all over the world - just a few here, hope you enjoy them - and please
don't be offended, they are just meant to provide a good laugh !!
This postcard by Bamforth was mailed in 1908. It
would have been considered very risque at the time,
considering the prevalent attitudes to sex and to the
clergy.    (
Jokes about the "Lost Chord" were thought to be
extremely funny when I was a child - I seem to
remember that Jimmy Durante had a song about the
man who found it.    (
No date for this card, but the "Mrs Slocombe" pussy joke would have
been considered very near the mark !    (
Z)  (P)   (M)
"Many English people still refuse to believe in the
total destruction of their contemptible little
Expeditionary Force. It is realised more in Berlin that
it would have been policy to allow one man to escape
to carry the news". This postcard of course dates
from World War 1.
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