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Old Postcard - Devil's Elbow
Old Postcard - Devil's Elbow
by Postcards of the Past
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Old Postcard - Voiture Panhard-Levassor
Old Postcard - Voiture Panhard-Levassor
by Postcards of the Past
A few postcards of early motor cars.
A Panhard-Levassor - follow the link, if you like old cars you'll love the website !
A Foujita - we'd be grateful for any information about this French car
manufacturer - surely that is not Hitler on the running board !
On Devil's Elbow, near Braemar - no driver ? Must have some great
brakes !
My father once told me of a friend who bought an early motor car and went to the Lake District for a
trip. He was confronted by a very steep hill and the car struggled to get up it, even in the lowest
gear. He solved the problem by putting it in reverse and backing up !
Mercedes Kompressor
A Mercedes Kompressor.
Voiture Gregoire
Ford Motor Company
Voiture Gregoire.
An early Fiat.
"The assembly line is always a point of interest to visitors of the
Rouge Plant. Here, on a moving conveyor, Ford cars are completely
assembled, from chassis to finished car, and driven off the line under
their own power. In addition to the Rouge plant, there are 31 assembly
lines in company branches throughout the United States."
Miss Billie Burke
A publicity card for an actress - can anyone identify the car ?
Austrian Vehicle
"A new Austrian Invention" - a "war vehicle" designed to go on water
and land.
Brighton Motor Trials, July 1905
An unidentified vehicle at the 1905 Brighton Motor Trials.
The Nürburgring - the world's largest race and test track for motor
Motor Museum, Marxzell
The Marxzell Motor Museum.
An Arnolt-Bristol from the 1950s.
A Peugeot 301.
Old Postcard - Mercedes Kompressor
Old Postcard - Mercedes Kompressor
by Postcards of the Past
Old Comic Postcard - Char-a-banc
Old Comic Postcard - Char-a-banc
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - LMS "Royal Scot"
Birthday Card - LMS "Royal Scot"
by Postcards of the Past
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