Old Postcard, Brussels, Grand'Place
A super old, real photo postcard of Grand' Place in Brussels.  
Brussels, Avenue Louise
Brussels, Gare du Nord
Two excellent postcards of Brussels from around 1910. On the left is Avenue Louise, whilst on the right is the Gare du Nord.
Brussels, 1910 Exhibition Fire
Brussels, 1910 Exhibition Fire
In 1910 a "World's Fair" was held in Brussels. In August of that year there was a fire which destroyed many of the exhibits. It seems that many
wild animals were left to perish in the flames, this being seen as preferable to releasing them into the crowd watching the conflagration. The
only animal to survive was an elephant. There is a French language website with lots more postcards of the exhibition and the fire -
click here
to go there.
Brussels, Bourse
The Brussels Stock Exchange and the Boulevard Anspach - an
undated postcard.
Brussels, Theatre Royale de la Monnaie
The Theatre Royale de la Monnaie and the Eglise Sainte-Gudule -
another undated postcard but probably around 1910.
Maison du Roi, Brussels
Brussels, Colonne
Vintage Postcard, Brussels, Panorama
A great panoramic view of the city !    
Brussels, Place de Brouckere
Porte de Hal, Brussels
The Place de Brouckere about 1910. The square was named after a
former city mayor, Charles de Brouckere.    
The Porte de Hal, the last remaining piece of the old city wall.
Bruxelles, Gare du Nord
Bruxelles, Hotel de Ville
Bruxelles, Jardin Italien
The Hotel de Ville in Grand' Place.
Another view of the Gare du Nord and Place Rogier from about 1910.  
The Italian Garden in the Botanic Gardens.
Brussels, Arcade
An undated postcard of the Arcade Monumentale du Cinquantenaire.
Brussels, Bois de la Cambre
Another undated postcard - this one of the Bois de la Cambre.
Bruxelles, Universite Libre
L'Universite Libre.
Brussels, Place de la Bourse
The Place de la Bourse and Boulevard Anspach.
Bruxelles, laiterie
Laiterie du Bois de la Cambre.
Brussels, Monument
"Monument a Gabrielle Petit fusillee par les
allemands le 1 Avril 1916 et aux femmes
Belges mortes pour la Patrie." No date for
this postcard, but obviously just after WW1.
Bruxelles, Theatre du Parc
This postcard of the Theatre du Parc was mailed in 1908.
Passage du Nord, Brussels
Le Passage du Nord.
Brussels, Town Hall
Brussels Town Hall.   
Mannekin Pis
The Mannekin-Pis, a source of mild
amusement to millions of tourists.
Old postcards of Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the centre of EEC administration and
government. As well as many old buildings, the city contains a lot of modern architecture, much
commissioned for the EEC.
Did You Know...........that Audrey Hepburn, the actress
and humanitarian, was born in Ixelles in 1929 ?

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Postcards of the Past
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Christmas Card - St Gudule, Brussels
Christmas Card - St Gudule, Brussels by Postcards of the Past
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Old Postcard - Brussels
Old Postcard - Brussels by Postcards of the Past
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Brussels Grand'Place
The North-East corner of Grand' Place in the early 20th Century.   
Brussels, Maison du Roi
Brussels, Sainte-Gudule
Brussels, Sainte-Gudule
The Maison du Roi in the Grand' Place.
Two similar views of the Eglise Sainte-Gudule.                
Old Postcard, Brussels
The Square Marguerite, about 1910.
Brussels, Expo 1910
Another postcard of the 1910 Expo.   
Gare du Midi, Brussels
The Gare du Midi.   
Brussels, Place de Brouckere
Place de Brouckere looking towards Boulevard Anspach.
Brussels, Flower Market
No date for this postcard of the Flower Market.
Beussels, Sacre Coeur
Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
Brussels, Flower Market
Another postcard of the Flower Market in Grand'Place.  
Place de la Bourse, Brussels
No date for this postcard of the Place de la Bourse and the Boulevard
A 1930s postcard of the Arcade Monumentale du Cinqantenaire.
Brussels, Expo 1910
Another postcard of the 1910 Expo.
Brussels, Arcade du Cinquantenaire
Yet another view of the Arc du Cinquantenaire.
Palais de Justice, Brussels
The Palais de Justice.
Brussels, Mont des Arts
Mont des Arts.
Brussels  Park Theatre
Le Theatre du Parc.
Brussels, Colonne
The Colonne du Congres.
Alhambra Theatre, Brussels
The Alhambra Theatre.
Rue de la Putterie.
Anderlecht FC
Anderlecht Football Ground.
Rue de Flandre, Bruxelles
Rue de Flandre.
Place Saint-Jean et Rue de la Violette.
Bois de la Cambre, Bruxelles
Bois de la Cambre.
Rue des Chapeliers.
Rue de Flandre.
Christmas Card - Flower Market, Brussels
Christmas Card - Flower Market, Brussels by Postcards of the Past
Christmas Card - Brussels, Grand'Place
Christmas Card - Brussels, GrandPlace by Postcards of the Past
Brussels Souvenir Mug
Brussels Souvenir Mug by Postcards of the Past
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