Broadway, Worcestershire
A super old postcard by Frank Packer of Chipping Norton.  Broadway
Tower is clearly seen on the hilltop in the background.   
Broadway, Cottages
Two postcards entitled "Elizabethan Cottages, Broadway" - they both appear to date from the late 1930s. The Austin in the postcard on the left
- and it's probably the same car in both postcards - has the registration BOX265 (possibly BOK265) - does anyone recognise it ?
Worcestershire, Broadway, Lygon Arms, North Cotswold Hunt
Broadway, the Green
Christie Antiques is visible in this old card.
Two postcards from 1912.
Lygon Arms, Broadway, Worcestershire
Mary Anderson's House
Another postcard by A R Quinton, this one of Mary Anderson's House.
A view of the tower by Frank Packer of
Chipping Norton. It lists the 13 counties
which may be seen from the top  - on a good
day !!
Worcestershire, Broadway Tower
Another fairly recent postcard of the tower.  
A 1960s view of the Tower.
Two postcards of the "Lygon Arms" from the 1920s or 30s - some great cars in the card on the left !
The stamp has been removed from this one so we can't date it - but
probably 1920s.  It is entitled "Old Houses, Broadway, Worcs."
Three postcards of the same building, named (from left to right) as "Madam Navarre's House", "Mary Anderson's House" and "Court Farm".
A 1905 postcard of "Broadie Monament",
produced by J Jacques Junr of Broadway.
Old Postcard, Worcestershire, Broadway
The motor car in this view dates it from the late 1920s or early 30s.
The sign above it reads "Collett's Tea Rooms".
This card shows the Lygon Arms and the "opening meet of the North
Cotswold Hunt, November 1912".
An undated postcard of the North Cotswold Hunt by the Lygon Arms -
certainly pre-WW2.
An unused and therefore undated view of the Lygon Arms by A R
North Cotswold Hunt
An undated postcard of the North Cotswold Hunt at Pye Corner.
Another postcard of the Hunt near Broadway.
A short drive from Stratford-upon-Avon, Broadway is one of the prettiest of the Cotswold
Villages, with the backdrop of Fish Hill and the Tower to set it off. A pleasant place to visit and
spend some time (and money !!)

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Broadway is a pretty place with a wide, straight main street with many lovely old cottages and bigger houses, many of which have been
converted to commercial use to attract the hordes of tourists who descend upon the place during the summer months. There are several pubs
and a top class hotel - the Lygon Arms, "rich in history and charm" - as well as plenty of places to eat.

One interesting building appears in our postcard collection with three different names, viz Court Farm, Mary Anderson's House and Madame de
Navarre's House (see just below). The house belonged to an American actress,
Mary Anderson, who married Antonio de Navarro and lived in
Broadway from around the time of her marriage until her death in 1940.
Broadway Tower was designed by James Wyatt for Lady Coventry and built in 1797.  Lady Coventry wanted to know if a beacon on
the hill could be seen from her house in Worcester (22 miles away), and ordered the construction of this folly to find out. The
beacon could be seen clearly. It must have been nice to be able to squander money for such purposes - I wonder what her husband
thought !

Over the years, the tower has been home to the printing press of
Sir Thomas Phillipps, and served as a country retreat for artists
William Morris.

Broadway Tower is 1,024 feet above sea level (at the base), and is 55 feet high. On a clear day it is claimed that thirteen counties of
England can be seen from the top of the tower, as well as the Severn Valley and the Welsh mountains.
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The Green.
"Entrance to Broadway."
The Lygon Arms.
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Old Postcard, Broadway, Worcestershire
Another unused and undated postcard - from the cars it must be late 1920s or early 1930s.  
Old Postcard, Broadway, Worcs
No date for this one.
Broadway, Fish Inn
The Fish Inn.
Yew Tree House, Broadway
Orchard Farm, Broadway
"Yew Tree House" - a postcard mailed in 1932.
"Orchard Farm (Lady Bowes Lyon)" - an unused postcard from the
Broadway View
Broadway and the Vale from Farncombe.
North Cotswold Hounds
No date for this one - probably around 1910.
Broadway Hotel
Main Street, Broadway
Two postcards of not very good quality showing the Broadway Hotel and Main Street.
Priors Manse Tea Rooms, Broadway
Prior's Manse Tea Rooms.
St Eadburgh's Church, Broadway
St Eadburgh's Church - a postcard from the 1930s.
Broadway, Worcestershire
This card was posted in 1947 but was no doubt produced before WW2.
The Green, Broadway
St Patrick's Tea Rooms, Broadway
St Patrick's Tea Rooms.
The Green.  
The Green, Worcestershire, Old Postcard
The Green - a postcard by Judges' Ltd.   
Upper Street, Broadway
The Upper Street - an early and rather poor quality postcard.
Old Cottages, Broadway, Worcestershire
Fish Hill, Broadway
Fish Hill in the 1930s.
Cotswolds Hunt
Another view of the hunt leaving the Lygon Arms, this one from 1921.
Olive Branch Tea Rooms, Broadway
Austin House, Broadway
This postcard from1956 shows the Olive Branch Tea Rooms, Dorothy
Bayliss and a Guest House, the name of which is obscured.   
A postcard of Austin House, mailed in 1910.
Cottages, Broadway
An unusual old card entitled "Pretty Cottages at Broadway".
Old Tudor House, Broadway
An unused postcard of Old Tudor House.
The Green, Broadway
An early view of the Green.
Old Cottages, Broadway
An undated postcard of some old cottages in Broadway.
Birthday Card, Broadway, Worcestershire
Birthday Card, Broadway, Worcestershire
by Postcards of the Past
Broadway Tower, Worcestershire
Broadway Tower, Worcestershire
by Postcards of the Past
Broadway, Worcestershire
Broadway, Worcestershire
by Postcards of the Past