Brighton, Sussex
Brighton, in Sussex, is Britain's premier South Coast resort - always fun to visit, with lots to do.
It has a population approaching half a million and receives about eight million visitors a year !
Old postcard - Brighton, Aquarium and Palace Pier
A super postcard of the Aquarium and Palace Pier, posted in 1909.    
Brighton, Royal Albion and Adelphi
This one was mailed in 1953 and shows the "Royal Albion" and the
"Adelphi" - we stayed at the "Adelphi" a couple of times in  the 1950s.
Brighton, Palace Pier
Brighton Railway Station
Brighton - West Street
Brighton - Royal Pavilion
Brighton - West Pier
Brighton - West Pier
A 1929 postcard. "A splendid entrance leads to this fine pier. At the
sea-end is a large Concert Pavilion, to seat 1400 and at the shore-end
another hall. On the Beach in summer may be seen multitudes of
men, women and children all in full enjoyment of sea, sky and (at low
tide) sand."
Brighton - Madeira Walk
Brighton - Fish Market
The Fish Market on Brighton Beach in the early years of the 20th
Brighton - Bedford Hotel
The Palace Pier opened about 1902. This postcard must have been
produced soon after the opening.  
A great postcard of Brighton Station in the early 1900s. This is an "LL"
card (the LL stands I believe for Louis Levy ) which are very much
sought after by postcard collectors.  
               Two LL postcards from the early 1900s, West Street on the left and the Royal Pavilion on the right.                   
A splendid view of the West Pier from 1904.   
Madeira Walk with the Palace Pier in the background.    
The West Pier at night - (this isn't a joke, it's really there !!)
This postcard of Brighton Seafront was mailed in 1907.
Brighton Beach
Brighton Volk's Railway
An undated postcard showing the Volk's Electric Railway.
Brighton, Kings Road
King's Road in the early 1900s.
Hove, Queens gardens
Queen's Gardens, Hove.    
Brighton, Black Rock
A postcard of Black Rock mailed in 1934.
Madeira Parade in 1912.
No date for this card which shows the Metropole Hotel.
Brighton, Metropole
An undated postcard of the Palace Pier.
Brighton, Bathing Machines
No date for this one - but look at the Bathing Machines !
A couple of views of the Palace Pier, neither of which is dated.
Brighton, Hotel Metropole
Another view of the West Pier.     
A busy day on the beach.
Another undated view of Brighton Beach.
The Metropole.
Did You Know.... that Chesney Allen, of the comedy duo Flanagan
and Allen, was born in Brighton in 1893 ?
Did You Know.... that Aubrey Beardsley the artist was born in
Brighton in 1872 ?
And Did You Also Know.... that Max Miller the comedian (the
Cheeky Chappie) was born in the town in 1894 ?
Did You Know.... that Maurice Tate, the Sussex and England
fast bowler, was born in Brighton in 1895 ?
And Did You Know.... that John Wisden, founder of Wisden
Cricketers' Almanack, was born at 15 Hampden Place,
Brighton, in 1826 ?

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West Pier, Brighton
The West Pier.
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Postcard - Brighton Station
Postcard - Brighton Station by Postcards of the Past
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Old Postcard - Brighton Pier
Old Postcard - Brighton Pier by Postcards of the Past
Black Rock Bathing Pool.
Black Rock, Brighton
Madeira Drive, Brighton
Madeira Drive.
Brighton, West Street
Brighton, Clock Tower
The Clock Tower.
West Street.
Brighton Front
A nice,clear view from the early 1930s
showing both piers.
Did You Know..............that Brighton has its own League
Football team,
Brighton and Hove Albion, currently (2010) in
the League Division 1. The club was
founded in 1901.
And Did You Know.........that Nigel Kennedy, the
violinist (and
Aston Villa supporter !) was born in
Brighton in 1956.
An undated view of Brighton from the Pier.
Brighton, Lift, Madeira Road
The Lift and Madeira Road - no date.
Old Postcard, Brighton, West Pier
A super old postcard of the West Pier.
Queens Park, Brighton
Queen's Park.
Preston Park Station, Brighton
Preston Park Station.
Central Station, Brighton
Central Station.
Brighton - North Street
North Street and the Clock Tower.
Preston Park, Brighton
Preston Park, Brighton.
Hove, Fourth Avenue
Fourth Avenue in Hove in the 1930s.
An early 20th Century view of the Bedford Hotel.
Brighton, Electric Railway
The Electric Railway at Kempstown.
Brighton - Castle Square
Castle Square.
Brighton, the Front, Vintage Postcard
This postcard appears to be from the 1910s.
Brighton Aquarium
The Aquarium.
This one appears to date from the late 1920s or early 30s.
Brighton, Palace Pier
A very festive Palace Pier !
Brighton, Palace Pier, Old Postcard
A super postcard of the Palace Pier in the 1920s.   
Brighton, Chain Pier
The old Chain Pier.
Brighton, Kings Road
King's Road  - a postcard produced from a painting by A R Quinton.
Brighton, West Pier
A 1908 postcard of the West Pier.
Another A R Quinton postcard, this one posted in 1938.
Hove, the Lawns, Old Postcard
The Lawns, Hove.
Brighton, Old Steine
The Old Steine - an early 20th Century postcard.
Old Postcard, Brighton, West Pier
No date for this card of the West Pier.
Dyke Station, Brighton
The Dyke Station.
Black Rock.
Brighton, Sussex CCC, Hove County Ground
This is an undated postcard of what I assume is the County Ground at
What looks like a Punch and Judy Show by the West Pier.
Brighton, the Lanes
The Lanes.
My mother sent me this postcard in 1953 - I suspect it is a little older.
Brighton, Palace Pier
A 1954 postcard of the Palace Pier by night.
Brighton Aquarium
Note the spelling !  Is this an error or was it the spelling used by the
proprietors ?
Brighton, Royal Albion
A 1950s view of the "Royal Albion".
Brighton Sea Front from the West Pier.
Kings Road, Brighton
King's Road and the West Pier in the early 1920s.
Brighton, West Pier
Ladies Mile, Carden Avenue, Brighton
Ladies' Mile, Carden Avenue.
Brighton, Queens Hotel
No date for this postcard of the Queen's Hotel.
Brighton West Pier
A postcard from 1958.
Brighton, Victoria Gardens
This view of Victoria Gardens was posted in 1904.
Brighton Beach
No date for this one.
Black Rock, Brighton, Sussex, Old Postcard
An excellent postcard of Black Rock.
Brighton, Sussex
The Parish Church.
Victoria Gardens, Brighton
Victoria Gardens.
Christmas Card, Brighton Pier
Christmas Card, Brighton Pier by Postcards of the Past
Brighton, Palace Pier Posters
Brighton, Palace Pier Posters by Postcards of the Past
Old Comic Postcard - Knickers !
Old Comic Postcard - Knickers ! by Postcards of the Past
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