Arras, Pas-de-Calais
Postcards of the Past
Arras is the capital of the Pas-de-Calais, one of the departements of Northern France. It was
heavily bombarded during World War I and as a result many of the postcards from that period
are concerned with the damage caused.

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Arras - Gare
A great old postcard of the Station at Arras in the early years of the
20th Century.
Arras - Fountain
This postcard was mailed in 1913.
Arras - Place Theatre
An early postcard of the Place du Theatre.
Arras, Place de la Gare
The Place de la Gare and the Boulevard Carnot.
Arras - Hotel de Ville
The Town Hall - this must be pre-WW1 as it
was heavily damaged by German artillery
during the war - see the card on the right.
Arras - Ruines - Hotel de Ville
Arras - Ruines
The shell damaged interior of the Town Hall
during WW1.
The corner of Rue de la Housse and Rue
Saint-Nicolas. Two people were buried in the
Arras, Grand'Place
A 1904 postcard of the Grand'Place.
Arras, Place de la Gare
The Place de la Gare - undated postcard.
Arras, Grand'Place
Grand'Place during the Great War.
The Boulevard du Strasbourg before the war.
Arras, panorama
Arras, le Square des Meaulens
Two postcards of Arras "before the terrible war", which dates the cards from after 1918 and the views before 1914. On the left, a "panorama"
of the town, and on the right the Square du Meaulens.
Arras, Porte Baudimont
The Porte Baudimont, again "before the terrible war".
Arras, Porte Baudemont
The Porte Baudemont (notice the different spellings !) after the
German bombardment in WW1.
Arras, Petite Place, Ruines
The ruins of the Petite Place.
The Place de la Gare after the German bombardment - October 1914.
Arras, Rue Gambetta, Ruines
Rue Gambetta and the Station after the German bombardment.
Arras, Rue Meaulens, Ruines
The ruins in the Rue Meaulens.
Arras, Grand'Place, Ruines
Ruined houses on the Grand'Place.
Arras, Hotel de Ville, Ruines
Two British soldiers by the wreckage of the Town Hall.
The ruins of the Hotel de Ville after the October 1914 bombardment.
More ruins - the postcard does not identify the exact spot.
Arras, Cathedral Ruins
The destruction of the Cathedral Porch and
neighbouring houses.
Arras, Salle des Concerte
A 1917 postcard of the Concert Hall in Arras.
Arras - Ruins of the Church St Jean Baptiste
The ruined interior of the church of St-Jean
Arras, Ruines, Rue d'Amiens
Shell damage in the Rue d'Amiens.
Arras 1918
Les Arcades before and after the war - a 1918 postcard.
Arras - Convent Ruins
The ruins of the Convent of Saint-Sacrement.
Arras - Ruines - Hotel de Ville
Another postcard showing the ruins of the Hotel de Ville.
Arras - Petite Place - Ruines
Petite Place, showing "the German madness for destruction".
Arras - Grand'Place
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