Amiens, Somme
Amiens is a town in Northern France about 75 miles north of Paris through which many of us
will have passed on our way from the Channel ports to the French capital. It has a large 13th
Century Gothic cathedral, whilst the surrounding area is known for its hortillonnages, which are
gardens on small islands in the marshland along the Somme.
Amiens, Place Gambetta, Old Postcard
Amiens, Rues des Majols et d'Engoulevent
Les Rues des Majols et d'Engoulevent.   
Rue des Clairons, Amiens
La Rue des Clairons.  
Amiens, Rue Victor Hugo
The Rue Victor Hugo with the Palais de Justice and the Cathedral.
Amiens Cathedral
The Cathedral from the Chemin de Halage.
The Clock, Amiens
Amiens, Cathedrale
An undated postcard of the Theatre.
Amiens Cathedral
...and another postcard of the Cathedral and the Market on the Water.
Another view of the Clock and the Rue des Vergeaux.....
Amiens, Sport Nautique et Pont Baraban
Amiens, March sur l'Eau
Amiens, View
A view of Amiens taken from the Chateau d'Eau.
The Flower-Sellers (hortillons) at the Marche sur l'Eau.
Amiens, Passage des Clairons
Amiens, Rue Basse-des-Tanneurs
Amiens, Theatre
Old Houses on the water, Passage des
Le Theatre Municipal.
La Rue Basse-des-Tanneurs.
Rue Haute-des-Tanneurs
Horloge Dewailly
The postcard on the left shows the Rue Haute-des-Tanneurs, and that on the right is of the
Horloge Dewailly in the Place Gambetta.
Amiens Museum
The Museum.
Amiens, Shell Damage 1916
A 1916 postcard of Rue Francois-Delavigne after the German
Amiens, Shell Damage, Rue de Noyon
Damage from shell-fire on the Rue de Noyon.
Amiens, Carte Postale Ancienne
Rue des Trois-Cailloux.
Amiens Cathedral
The Cathedral Interior after the bombardment.
Place Rene Goblet
Place Rene-Goblet.
An early 20th Century postcard of Place Gambetta.  
Amiens Theatre
The "Marche sur l'Eau" and the Cathedral.
The Clock Tower in the Place Gambetta.
Le Sport Nautique and the Pont Baraban.
Amiens Garage
The Garage on the Rues des Jacobins and Lamarck.

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Did You Know.... that Odette Samson, the World War 2 French Resistance fighter, was
born in Amiens in 1912 ?

And Did You Know.... that Jules Verne, the writer, lived in the town and served on the
town council for many years ?
The population of Amiens is
currently (2008) around 177,000.
Did You Know......that the Tour de France
has started or ended a stage in Amiens on
11 occasions between 1932 and 2004 ?
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Amiens, Place Rene-Goblet
Place Rene-Goblet.
Amiens, Le Cirque
Le Cirque Municipal.
Amiens, Usines
Factories in Amiens in the early 20th Century.
Amiens, Marche
The Marche des Brocanteurs on the Rue des Majols.
Amiens, Cattle Market
The Cattle Market.
Amiens, Theatre, 1907 postcard
A 1907 postcard of the Theatre.
Amiens, Pont de Beauville
Le Pont de Beauville.
Amiens Gare
Amiens Railway Station.
A Tuck's Oilette of Place Gambetta.  
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Amiens, France
Amiens, France
An air-race over Amiens, with 2 conveniently placed aeroplanes !
La Rue Basse des Tanneurs.
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Amiens, Cathedral
The Cathedral protected, presumably from
German shelling during WW1.
Amiens Cathedral
Amiens Cathedral
Amiens Cathedral
The Cathedral.
Amiens Cathedral
The main doors to the Cathedral.
Amiens, Somme
The Cathedral from the Chateau d'Eau.
Amiens Cathedral
The southern facade of the Cathedral.
Amiens, Port
The city from the Pont de Beauville.
Palais de Justice, Amiens
Palais de Justice.
Promenade de la Hotoie, Amiens
Promenade de la Hotoie.
The view from the Beffroi.
Hotel de Ville, Amiens
L'Hotel de Ville.