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Do you run a pub in Stratford-upon-Avon ? Or own a restaurant in New York
City ? Perhaps you sell postcards, carry out Family History Research or your
site contains nostalgic or historic material. Then place a low-cost
advertisement with us !!
We will be happy to carry your advertisement on the page of your choice in exchange for a
small fee (say £10 for a permanent, small ad which links to your site). Whatever you want, we
will try to provide (within reason !) Choose where you want your ad to appear - if there isn't a
space, we'll make one !
 Contact us with your requirements. Everything is negotiable !
(We are currently looking for advertisements to fill 728x90 spaces. Try us !)
We currently (May 2016) have more than 750 pages with over 14,500 old
postcard views of many places in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australasia, North
America and South America, plus other subjects such as railways, ships and
many more.
If you own a business in one of the places featured, place your ad on the
relevant web page. It won't break the bank ! Potential customers will find your
business as they browse !
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Souvenir Mug - RMS Aquitania by Postcards of the Past
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Birthday Card - RAF Spitfire by Postcards of the Past
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