Victorian and Edwardian
Old Postcard, Mabel Love
Doris Stocker
Ethel Newman
Marie Luella
Gaynor Rowlands
Postcards were a useful way to publicize actresses (and actors, but far fewer for some reason)
in the early 20th Century. Hundreds of thousands were produced - here are just a few. Where
we have found more information on the internet, there is a link beneath the image. Where we
have no information, we would be grateful if you can supply some !
Mabel Love b 1874 - d 1953
Doris Stocker
Marie Luella
Ethel Newman b1902 - d 1995
Gaynor Rowlands b 1883 - d 1906
Violet Vanbrugh
Violet Vanbrugh b1867 - d 1942
Olive May
Mabel Green
Mabel Sealby.
Phyllis Dare b 1890 d 1975
Ethel Barrymore
Ethel Barrymore b 1879 - d 1959.
Two postcards of Madge Lessing b 1866 d 1932
Irene Vanbrugh b 1872 d 1949 -
sister of Violet - see above.
Postcards of the Past
Gertie Millar b 1879   d 1952
Maudi Darrell
Maudi Darrell b 1882  d 1910
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
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Billie Burke   b 1884 -  d 1970
Pauline Chase   b 1885 - d 1962
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these old postcards. The items available include many reproduction postcards, coffee mugs,
greetings cards, key chains, fridge magnets, watches etc. Many images on these pages have a
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Souvenir Mug - London, Garrick Theatre
Souvenir Mug - London, Garrick Theatre by Postcards of the Past
Sybil Carlisle
Isabel Jay  b1879 - d1927
Gertie Millar  b1879 d1952
Sybil Carlisle.
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Old Postcard - London, Daly's Theatre, Leicester S
Old Postcard - London, Daly's Theatre, Leicester Square by Postcards of the Past